Misdirection And Upcoming Trends For 2020 And Beyond

Misdirection And Upcoming Trends For 2020 And Beyond


90% of individuals are now part of the “polarised equation”; therefore, the crowd will be elementary to manipulate. If you want to rob or use a person without almost any resistance, give them a false narrative to believe in, one that makes their blood boil, and then it’s game over for the lemmings. Others enter the world of misdirection; the ploy is to direct their attention to things that don’t matter but elicit a strong emotional response. Once the response is elicited, they are tied into this loop and cannot see or focus on anything else.

While misdirection is nefarious, it’s a brilliant strategy. It was used in Brexit, is increasingly used in every election, and is now used ruthlessly in Europe.  Even though the Alt-right trend briefly slowed down in Europe, those that concluded it had ended have made a fatal mistake.

Nationalism and Misdirection 

Nationalism is going to soar in Europe to levels not seen for hundreds of years, and the Alt-right parties are going to sweep into power one country at a time.  Misdirection is the reason why those in power push individuals to embrace nationalism. Once you sell the masses a line that this “something” is good for the nation, you can continue to sell anything that appears to be for the country’s good.

The globalisation trend is over, and we are now entering the era of nationalism. In other words, citizens will move to the point where they will be willing to do anything to maintain their sovereignty. It will be impossible no matter how hard the players try to stop this trend. It is one of the most potent trends we have seen in a very long time; this is a super bull trend, and the shortest cycle for such a trend is 15 years.

However, given the level of emotional attachment this trend is generating, we would not be surprised if it lasts twice as long. Hence, get used to and understand the phrase, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. We have modified this phrase to reflect the changing times. Do as the Romans do when in Rome or be ready to be sent home.  When you travel, don’t take your nation’s views with you. Get used to doing things as they are done in the hosting nation.

Immorality and Drugs

Political correctness is dying, and many things deemed moral today will be redefined as immoral, and that which is classified as corrupt today will probably be classified as moral in the years to come. A host of nations will legalise drugs over the next 3-5 years, including hard drugs; the phrase it’s all about money will take on a new meaning in the years to come.

Pleasure Slaves 

During the 1950s, psychologists James Olds and Peter Milner modified a chamber in which pressing a lever would directly stimulate the brain through implanted electrodes. This led to an incredibly striking experiment in the field of behavioural neuroscience. Rats would press the lever numerous times, up to 7,000 times in an hour, to trigger brain stimulation. The area being stimulated was a centre associated with pleasure and reward, surpassing the potency of any natural stimulus.

A subsequent series of experiments demonstrated that rats preferred stimulating the pleasure centre over fulfilling their basic needs for food (even when hungry) and water (even when thirsty).

Focus on the last part of the above sentence and the paragraph below, highlighting the power of pleasure to overrule everything.  Humans will do whatever is deemed necessary to access a machine that provides this level of pleasure. In doing so, they will sign whatever document has to be signed, giving up whatever little privacy they desperately cling to today.

Self Stimulating  Rats stimulated themselves unto death.

Male rats exhibiting self-stimulating behaviour showed a disregard for female rats in heat, enduring electric shocks from floor grids persistently to reach a lever. Similarly, female rats would abandon their nursing pups to press the lever continuously. Some rats engaged in self-stimulation an astonishing 2000 times per hour for a continuous 24-hour period, neglecting all other activities. To prevent self-starvation, they had to be disconnected from the apparatus as pressing the lever consumed their entire existence.

A notable case documented in a 1972 paper titled “Septal Stimulation for the Initiation of Heterosexual Behavior in a Homosexual Male” raised concerns. The experiment aimed to induce heterosexual behaviour in a homosexual male by combining pleasure-inducing stimulation of the septal area with heterosexual imagery.

The subject, Patient B-19, a 24-year-old male who identified as homosexual and displayed average intelligence, depression, and obsessive-compulsive tendencies, underwent a surgical procedure to implant electrodes in nine different deep regions of his brain. Following a three-month healing period, sequential stimulation was applied to each electrode. However, only stimulation of the electrode placed in the septum region elicited pleasurable sensations. When given unrestricted access to the stimulator, Patient B-19 immediately pressed the button repeatedly, reminiscent of an 8-year-old engrossed in a game of Donkey Kong. The paper described the sessions as follows:

“During these sessions, B-19 engaged in self-stimulation, exhibiting a compelling euphoria and joy in his behaviour and internal experience. Despite his fervent protests, he had to be disconnected.”

Exploring Beyond Gender: Unveiling the Impact of Brain Stimulation on Pleasure and Behavior

It is essential to recognize that such responses are not exclusive to men, who are often stereotyped as creatures driven solely by primal desires. Another documented case, conducted by a different research group, involved a woman who underwent electrode implantation in her thalamus—a neighbouring deep brain structure—to treat chronic pain. This technique has demonstrated effectiveness for certain patients whose severe pain is not adequately managed with medication. However, in this particular patient, the stimulation inadvertently spread to adjacent brain structures, leading to intensely pleasurable and sexual sensations.

Unravelling the Power of Pleasure: When Brain Stimulation Overrides Basic Needs

“At its peak, the patient engaged in self-stimulation throughout the day, neglecting her personal hygiene and family responsibilities. The constant adjustment of the amplitude dial using her fingertip resulted in chronic ulceration, and she frequently tampered with the device to intensify the stimulation. There were moments when she pleaded with her family to restrict her access to the stimulator, only to request its return shortly after a brief respite.”

In simple terms, these patients exhibited responses similar to the rats in the experiments conducted by Olds and Milner. Given the opportunity, they would prioritize stimulating their pleasure circuits at the expense of all other aspects of life. You can copy and paste the link into your browser for the complete story.  https://www.huffpost.com/entry/compass-pleasure_b_890342 

The Future of Brain Stimulation: AI Optimization and Societal Implications

The upcoming models will incorporate AI programs to monitor and determine the optimal dosage, identify the most responsive brain areas for stimulation, and assess susceptibility to manipulation. Astonishingly, individuals will willingly sign contracts without even reading them. The general population will quickly become captivated and create an illusion of fairness. Nearly everyone will receive a free trial period of 30 to 60 days with a money-back guarantee. However, it is expected that 90% of people will require no more than an hour to decide and will readily sign any necessary disclaimers to obtain the desired pleasure.

Social Media & Misdirection

Social media served as the initial phase of this experiment, exploiting its ability to trigger increased dopamine release, which creates a craving for more stimulation. This cycle perpetuates and contributes to the widespread addiction to smartphones observed today. Our brains are inherently wired to respond to various stimuli that directly impact the brain’s pleasure centres, encompassing a range of experiences from addictive substances like crack and alcohol to activities such as sex and meditation, among others.

Individuals who openly express their emotions are the most susceptible to manipulation. This raises the question of whether the current political landscape, characterized by both the Alt-right and Alt-left movements, is merely a prelude to a grand scheme. It leads us to contemplate whether a solution will be presented to mend the significant divisions caused by polarizing conflicts. This is certainly food for thought.

The Power of Environment: Unveiling the Influence of Social Community on Drug Behavior

In the 1970s, Alexander conducted experiments that have since been referred to as the “Rat Park.” Previous research had demonstrated that when rats were placed alone in cages with two water bottles—one containing water and the other laced with heroin or cocaine—they would continuously drink from the drug-laced bottles until they overdosed and died. Like pigeons repeatedly pressing a lever for pleasure, the rats relentlessly pursued, leading to their eventual demise.

However, Alexander questioned whether the drugs solely drove this behaviour or if the environment played a role. To test his hypothesis, he created “rat parks” where rats lived together and were free to move, play, socialize, and engage in sexual behaviour. These rats were also given the same access to the two drug-laced bottles. Surprisingly, when living in the enriched “rat park” environment, the rats predominantly chose plain water over the drug-laced option. Even when they did consume from the drug-filled bottle, it was in a non-compulsive, intermittent manner, and they never overdosed. This experiment highlighted the significant influence of social community and environmental factors over the power of drugs.  https://www.psychiatrictimes.com/view/what-does-rat-park-teach-us-about-addiction 

Life Extension Therapies

A sudden breakthrough will be announced in life extension therapies in the not-too-distant future that will have huge implications on the existing pension system and a significant impact on organised religion.  Asia still looks likely to lead the way unless the US and Europe lift their restrictions of using embryonic cells in life-extension therapies.

At the end of movie theatres

Streaming is going to continue gaining traction at a rapid pace, and movie theatres are set to become obsolete like the old drive-in cinemas. Individuals can watch new releases from home instead of going to the theatre at a lower price. Actors are also fast approaching the point of extinction as AI is going to take CGI to the next level. They will be able to create human-like actors with the press of a button, and these actors will work for free and nonstop.


Navigating Diverse Beliefs: Understanding the Challenges of Changing Perspectives

The viewpoints held by liberals and conservatives possess validity, considering the inherent difficulty of changing someone’s perspective through mere words. This challenge can be attributed to the process of indoctrination, whereby individuals adopt their beliefs based on factors such as upbringing, education, social circles, and religious background.

It is important to acknowledge that neither liberals nor conservatives are fundamentally incorrect in their worldviews since they genuinely believe in their respective ideologies. This notion extends to the Alt-right and Alt-left movements as well, which represent different forms of indoctrination. The extreme factions within these groups have often been subject to intense manipulation.

Emphasizing the significance of avoiding open displays of emotions is crucial, as such behavior often leads to unfavorable outcomes. The current situation has been aggravated by a lack of willingness to accept disagreement and transition to different topics. Instead, opposing groups strive to forcefully impose their views on one another, regardless of the possibility of reaching any agreement. This trend of polarization arises from confrontational approaches.

Escalating Divisions: The Dangerous Cycle of Labeling and Resistance

When individuals begin labelling those who hold opposing views as wrong, or stupid or resort to name-calling, a dangerous chain of events is set in motion. The opposing camp resists any arguments or evidence presented, further solidifying their unwillingness to reconsider their stance. The prevalence of this pattern is evident in the current state of affairs, and it is still in its early stages.

The topic is extensive, and Noam Chomsky provides a comprehensive overview that can offer valuable insights. While we will delve further into this subject, it is advisable to familiarize oneself with the inner workings of different mindsets. The suggested video by Chomsky serves as an excellent starting point for gaining a deeper understanding.

Closing thoughts

Maintaining a trading journal, especially during moments of turmoil and elation, can prove to be an invaluable practice. Within the pages of your notes lie hidden gems, waiting to be discovered months or even years later. The virtues of patience, discipline, and a deep understanding of crowd behaviour through the lens of mass psychology are crucial for achieving long-term success. Embracing contrarian thinking, focusing on prevailing trends, and fearlessly capitalizing on lucrative opportunities unlock priceless insights into future market movements. So, embark on this journey armed with your journal and confidently navigate the ever-changing tides of the trading world, illuminating your path towards prosperity.


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