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Sol Palha Financial & Economic Insights

If we all knew everything then life would indeed be meaningless for it is the mistakes we make and the lessons we learn that give our life meaning and value. Sol Palha


 At the Tactical Investor, we combine Mass Psychology with the best aspects of Technical analysis to determine key market turning points. The articles by Sol Palha blend these two fields seamlessly and make for easy reading.

Don’t waste time trying to predict the exact top or bottom in a market. This endeavour is best left to fools with plenty of time on their hands. Trying to identify the exact top or bottom is like trying to catch a falling a dagger; a painful process fraught with pain and failure. Instead, our focus is on determining whether the masses are Euphoric or in a state of panic; these two conditions are highly effective at signalling market tops and bottoms

Dow Transports Validating Higher Stock Market Prices

Dow Transports Support Dow 30K outlook? As we stated in the last update, the Dow utilities are now trading in ...
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Global Trading Volume is Declining & It’s A Non Event

Global Trading Volume is Declining: Time To Worry  Let’s look at the data, according to the chart below, global trading ...
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Dogs Of The Dow Jones Industrial Average

Dogs Of The Dow: what is this all about? According to Investopedia the Dogs of the Dow theory can be ...
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Trump Stock Market: Will Impeachment Hearings Derail This Bull

Trump Stock Market As this update is coming on the back of a very recent update, there is not much ...
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Negative Thinking: How It Influences The Masses

Negative Thinking and how it affects your investments When the trend is positive (UP) train yourself to view strong pullbacks, ...
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Leading Economic Indicators: Finally in Sync With The Stock Market?

Leading Economic Indicators  In the intermediate charts, the Baltic dry index is showing signs of life. The trend is now ...
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Dow Stock Market Outlook: Time To Dance or Collapse

Dow Stock Market outlook Before we get into the outlook lets look at what we have said over the past ...
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What Is Fiat Money: USD Is Prime Example Of Fiat

What Is Fiat Money Every single currency out there today would fall under the category of fiat money. The aim ...
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Yield Curve Fears As Treasury Yield Curve Inverts

Treasury Yield Curve Inverts A lot of noise is being made up about the inverted yield curve and how it ...
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Stock Market Bubble: Embrace Sharp Corrections

Stock Market Bubble Not In Sight As Trend is UP Buffett's latest views on corrections and the coronavirus ‘It wasn’t ...
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October Stock Market Crash Update

Updated March 2020 October Stock Market Crash It takes no effort to panic and that is why there is no ...
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Bitcoin ETF Update: Will Bitcoin Continue Trending Higher

Bitcoin ETF update The zone of strong support has moved up, and it now falls in the 6000-6300 ranges. A ...
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Stock Market Forecast For Next 3 months To 6 Months

Update May 2021 Stock Market Forecast For Next 3 months Stupidity begets more stupidity; it is really surprising to see ...
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Stock Market Crash Date: If Only The Experts Knew When

Updated March 2020 Stock Market Crash Date: everyone Barks But No One Bites Experts are notorious for issuing dates and ...
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Nickel Has Put In A long Term Bottom; What’s Next?

Nickel: Is This The Begining of A new Bull Market If you look at a shorter-term chart 1-3 years, it ...
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AMD vs Intel: Who Will Dominate the Landscape going forward

AMD vs Intel; Can AMD maintain its advantage? “INTC has lost the leadership in process technology, its key differentiation, and ...
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Fiat Currency: Instruments of Mass Destruction

Fiat Currency; The Root Of all Evil This article was extracted from the March 19, 2019 Market Update. We are ...
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Mind Games; Altering The Crowds Mindset

Mind Games & Perceptions We are going to address the issue of the human psyche, and how the top players ...
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Early Retirement Is A Con: Focus on Happy Retirement

Happy Retirement vs Early Retirement Early Retirement sounds catchy but in most cases, its nothing but a pitch made my ...
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Investing For Dummies: Forever QE & Stock Market Bull 2019

 Investing For Dummies: Lesson 1 Forever Quantitative Easing is here to stay and this means until it ends, every backbreaking ...
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Stock Market Cycles: Forever QE Will Fuel Insane Bull Market

Stock Market Fears Culled With the Help of Forever QE We are entering a new paradigm; get used to forever ...
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Archive of Sol Palha’s Financial & Economic Insights from 2017 and beyond 

 Good or bad is a matter of perspective; alter the angle of observation and the perspective changes.  

It is easy to do the wrong thing but quite hard to do the right thing when it comes to the stock markets
Sol Palha



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