Religious wars set to rip Europe Apart

Religious wars set to rip Europe Apart

The blocks are being set Worldwide for a massive religious war. We see this taking place in Syria right now, especially in Aleppo, where you have the insane house of Saud backing the equally deranged Erdogan. Erdogan must be really livid that all the lovely cheap stolen oil he got from ISIS is now gone forever because of Russia.  Russia is a Christian nation and Assad’s regime is Shiite; both are considered deadly enemies by radicals such as Erdogan and the House of Saud.  The House of Saud is going to face bitter times in the years to come, as Putin is already looking at ways to pay them back; most likely he has already started to provide the Houthis with heavy weapons. He has already delivered Erdogan a massive blow by working with the Kurds and recognising the YPG as a non-terrorist group, in fact, they have been invited to open an office in Moscow.  The Kurds are known as the most lethal and most loyal fighters in the Middle-East and Putin has clearly shown the world that he values his friends. Thus, we think it’s a matter of time before the Kurds decide to drop the relationship with the US in favour of one with Russia. After all, we let them down In Iraq, and we have allowed Erdogan to butcher them and made no mention of this; the same applies to the leaders in Europe.

Europe needs to make a smart and tough choice, abandon the sanctions against Russia and work with them or continue to implement them and lose even more market share in Russia to competitors. The market share Europeans have lost so far will in most cases be lost forever.  If they work with Russia, the refugee crisis (at least those coming or pretending to come from Syria) will end.  However, Europe faces an even bigger crisis from Africa; the population there is exploding, and the outlook for jobs is terrible, so Africans are looking to Europe as the land of milk and honey. A massive transformation is going to take place in Europe; it will resemble the iron curtain of the former Soviet Union at some point in time.   The next phase in the clash of the civilisations is about to take place. You will know when this starts when you start to see extremely violent acts of aggression directed towards the Muslims in Europe.

If you recall, we warned everyone that the situation in Europe was planned and thought of in advance. Whatever is occurring in the forefront is not the real action. You agitate the crowd so that you can commit even deadlier sins in the shadows. That is the game plan of European leaders; for the record, the European leaders, for the most part, are a bunch of wenches who have sold their souls and bodies to the highest bidder; they do not care about their people and would sell their mothers if the price was right. One clear example of a short sighted idiot is Merkel, but there are many in power in Belgium (the ones that define EU policy) that are even more nefarious.

We are not trying to imply that the U.S is pristine; Congress is nothing but a well-organized crime syndicate, and there are only two things that matter there, money and power.   One of the reasons for this chaos is to gear Europe up for the era of negative interest rates. Now they want to rape you twice. First, they tax your wages and then when you put this money into the bank they will tax you again by charging you interest for holding onto your funds, that they will lend someone else and profit of from; what a perfect scam. It will also force everyone to speculate and hence will lead the way to what we will call QE from the masses.  Imagine if all this money is forced into the market what an incredible stimulus it will provide to stocks. Now you will agree with us when we state that the Fed is not stupid, they are evil geniuses; they know exactly how far they can go and if they need to push the envelope further they just need to prime the crowd up. As they control the media indirectly, the world is their oyster, and most individuals are nothing but flies on the wall waiting to be swatted away. Understanding the hidden agenda is easy; they are not even trying to hide it anymore. All they are doing is flooding the masses with an endless amount of entertainment that render them mentally incapable of deciphering anything of value. In this instance resistance is not futile; resistance is everything; do not become one with your TV or popular new media.

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