Religious wars explode; Buddhists Burn Mosque in Myanmar

Religious wars explode; Buddhists Burn Mosque in Myanmar

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The following article could make for compelling read; I am providing you with an excerpt of the article. Should you wish to read the full article, please click the link and new window will open up.  and so I thought I would highlight an excerpt of this article before getting to the story at hand:  Click the link at the end to access the full article

A Market crash can be viewed as a monumental tragedy or a splendid opportunity depending on what side of the fence you sit on. If you decided to pour all your money into the market close to the top, then it would be viewed as a tragic event. If on the other hand, you got in early and as the market trended higher, you banked some of your profits then it would be viewed as a splendid opportunity.  Crisis investing dictates that all disasters are nothing but opportunities, change the lens and the picture changes. Why Market Crashes are buying Opportunities 



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The world is in turmoil, from religious wars to relentless Central bankers (whose only mission it seems is to defraud the possible) the average Joe has very little room to manoeuvre if he sits down and waits for his government to take care of him. You need to take care control of your financial future. Learn how to invest in the markets  by being one step ahead of the masses.  The masses by nature will always lose when it comes to investing.  If you are going to win you cannot be part of the herd. There is not enough money for everyone and the herd simply follows the leader. Learn how to use this herd behaviour to your advantage. Subscribe to our free newsletter and we will show you how to use mass psychology to be on the right side of the markets. 

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