Religious wars today; Buddhists Burn Mosque in Myanmar

Religious wars today;

Religious wars today: Buddhists Turning Violent

There is not enough evidence to declare genocide is occurring, but there is evidence of systematic rape, forced labour, restrictions of movement, restrictions on marriage and reproduction, and prevention from access to medicine and food rations. International observers say the situation will soon come to genocide if the international community does not immediately intervene. As the Holocaust demonstrated, ethnic cleansing can swiftly become genocide. Prior to 1941, the Nazi effort to expel all Jews from the Reich qualified as ethnic cleansing.

The subsequent concentrating and then exterminating of Jews that began in earnest after the US entered the war was clearly genocide. As Penny Green, Director of the International State Crime Initiative (ISCI) at London’s Queen Mary University, states, “Genocide can begin many years before actual extermination.” In April 2018, Green and the ISCI released a report arguing that the Myanmar government is “guilty of genocidal intent toward the Rohingya.”

Whether ethnic cleansing or genocide, it is clear that human rights violations against the Rohingya are occurring in Myanmar, which is enough to invoke the Responsibility to Protect principle, in accordance with Chapters VI, VII, and VIII of the United Nations Charter, authorizing the international community to intervene in Myanmar’s national sovereignty. For those of us observing from afar, the crisis forces us to ask questions about the role of Buddhism in world politics.  Full Story

Religious wars today; Buddhists Resorting to Violence in Burma

This is happening in two countries separated by well over 1,000 miles of Indian Ocean – Burma and Sri Lanka. It is puzzling because neither country is facing an Islamist militant threat. Muslims in both places are a generally peaceable and small minority.

In Sri Lanka, the issue of halal slaughter has been a flashpoint. Led by monks, members of the Bodu Bala Sena – the Buddhist Brigade – hold rallies, call for direct action and the boycotting of Muslim businesses, and rail against the size of Muslim families.

While no Muslims have been killed in Sri Lanka, the Burmese situation is far more serious. Here the antagonism is spearheaded by the 969 groups, led by a monk, Ashin Wirathu, who was jailed in 2003 for inciting religious hatred. Released in 2012, he has referred to himself bizarrely as “the Burmese Bin Laden”.

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“Buddhist Extremists” lol your site is a joke. You have no idea what a Buddhist is.

Maureen Carr

Even Buddhists are fed up with the muslim vermin. Takes a lot to piss off one of them.

Tactical Investor

I guess you are looking in the mirror when you make that comment, for it shows you did not read the article. Here’s is an idea brain surgeon why don’t you pen one and show the world how much you know. or maybe you are just a bag of hot air, all bark and no bite

Let’s see, let’s compare religious texts, shall we, to see where the evil is coming from?

Burning a mosque is a good way to get rid of Moslems and make them obey the law. If they get out of line, dismantle or burn down their mosques with no one inside. That way nobody gets hurt, and they get the message. Even better: Outlaw Islam worldwide.