Student debt clock Illustrates next major financial crisis

Student debt clock Illustrates next major financial crisis

[color-box color=”blue”]They key ingredient for any crisis are greed, desperation and a fake sense of need, regardless of the cost of the item that is being sought. Think tulip crisis or mortgage crisis and the student loan market is following the exact same pattern. Hence, the outcome is going to be the same. You cannot kill stupidity; stupidity is the only bull market that has never experienced a correction and probably never will.  The clock below illustrates the mind-boggling rate at which new student debt is being created.  This crisis will make the mortgage crisis appear like a walk in the park. [/color-box]

The Congressional Budget Office is forewarning that unless strict measures are implemented soon, our national debt will soar to $30 trillion by 2026. Our response is that nothing will be done unless someone who is willing to challenge the status quo is elected. If that does not occur, then expect the national debt and student debt to spiral out of control. The masses have are sedated and almost in a comatose state; overworked and underpaid they don’t have the energy to challenge the system. And the Top shadowy players have no intention of changing the status quo. This is what they want as it allows them to bleed the masses without having to encounter resistance.

[color-box color=”green”]The delinquency rate on student loans is already 11% and this is set to rise and students are paying more and more for less and less. What do we mean? They take on huge amounts of debt but have a hard time landing a job that can pay back this debt. The solution, make it harder to qualify for student loans and this will force prices lower as universities will finally have to compete for students that have the money to pay as opposed to strangling debt free students for life with massive amounts of debt that most will never be able to pay off [/color-box]

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