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Today we live in a World where most of the news we receive is not about what is going on in the world, but more about what really sells. In other words, sensationalism, and lies are sexy, so that is the theme.  Make it dramatic even if it means altering the real story; if it sells everything is on the table, even outright lies.   Government and large corporations have decided to join forces in their quest to control the masses.  As we embrace the concept of mass psychology, contrarian investing and technical analysis, our focus will be on reinterpreting the news using these themes. Real news, minus the Rubbish factor

Every disaster is nothing but opportunity knocking in disguise. Most slam the door on it, instead of embracing it with a warm hug. The top shadowy players eagerly wait for these pristine moments, as it provides them with opportunities to significantly increase their net-worth.  Media outlets are used a tool by these masters of deception to create molehills out of mountains.  This technique has been used for generations, with deadly precision and success.  From the tulip mania to the Housing bubble and financial crash of 2008, it has never failed to generate humongous amounts of profit for those in the know. In that respect, Warren Buffet is far from the richest man on earth. He is just the richest man you know off.  The stories published here are delayed so as to protect our paying subscribers. To receive these real news updates at an even faster rate, subscribe to our free newsletter.

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If we all knew everything then life would indeed be meaningless for it is the mistakes we make and the lessons we learn that give our life meaning and value. Sol Palha