Random Thoughts: Web of lies Woven by Powerful Individuals

Random Thoughts: The Intricate Web spun by devious individuals

Random Thoughts: Resilient Minority’s Struggle Against Overwhelming Odds

Updated Dec 18, 2023

It is essential to comprehend that the abandonment of the gold standard, leaving our money unsupported, paved the way for questionable practices. As the money supply expanded, ethical standards declined, ultimately reaching a point where the value of human life became trivial. Presently, the focus revolves around monetary matters. The central bank’s deliberate manipulation of interest rates leads to intentional boom and bust cycles.

The authorities disregard the consequences of inflation or deflation, often initiating the very conditions they seek to combat. Once you grasp this concept, you may be inclined to delve deeper. Remember, this cycle will persist until the masses rise. Mass psychology dictates that the majority awakens only when the ship is on the brink of sinking. At this point, their only recourse is to voice their discontent.

Taking a step back and adopting a broader perspective allows us to see these influential individuals’ intricate web of influence. Their manipulation of crucial sectors, such as the media, healthcare, and the military-industrial complex, creates a skewed reality that serves their agendas. This control extends even further, infiltrating the intricate fabric of society and shaping the narratives that shape our collective understanding.

Most individuals, comprising approximately 75%, are subjected to immense challenges from the very moment they enter this world. Circumstances beyond their control limit their opportunities and place them at a disadvantage, perpetuating a cycle of struggle and inequality.

Defying Power: The Unyielding 5% Against Overwhelming Odds

In addition, 10% of people are susceptible to indoctrination during their formative years; their minds are moulded to conform to prevailing narratives. Another 10% become disheartened, resigned to the notion that resistance is futile in the face of such overwhelming power.

Despite the odds stacked against them, a small fraction of approximately 5% refuses to succumb to the illusions and illusions propagated by those in control. These individuals, driven by their authentic selves, possess a rare resilience and unwavering spirit. They refuse to be mere spectators in the grand spectacle orchestrated by the powerful few.

Within this resilient minority, only 1 to 3% possess the unwavering determination to fight against the overwhelming odds they face. However, it is essential to acknowledge that their commitment to the cause may come at a tremendous personal cost, potentially resulting in their premature demise before the first battle even concludes.

Yet, it is crucial to recognise the immense sacrifice and personal risks these individuals undertake. Their unwavering commitment to their cause often leads them to confront difficult circumstances where their lives may be at stake. Pursuing truth and justice becomes a battleground where the outcome is uncertain, but the stakes are undeniably high.

Random thoughts on Manipulation

Deep down, it seems that many people are aware of the prevalence of deception and manipulation in our world. Even when the truth is presented, it often contains a mix of fact and fluff. What’s truly concerning is that the influential figures no longer play by the old rules. They have mastered Mass Psychology (AKA a Black MP ) to such an extent that understanding their underlying motives requires extensive analysis. Though challenging, it used to be somewhat easier to discern these hidden intentions than it is today. Today, I have to invest 3X more time to distinguish them.

These influential figures employ the illusion of choice to make it seem like they are empowering individuals. However, the options presented are designed to keep people in their current state or lead to their downfall rather than offering genuine solutions or better outcomes. The provided solutions are deliberately intended to lead to adverse outcomes, serving only to deceive and manipulate.

The Changing Dynamics: Money, Social Media, and Manipulation Today

We may question what has changed if we step back and consider everything. Undoubtedly, the outlook was significantly brighter 20, 40, and 60 years ago. It becomes apparent that the most significant change is the money supply. As the money supply increases, the overall outlook tends to worsen, as we predicted years ago.

Another substantial change has been the emergence of social media and its impact on the population. With more people connected and many still unaware of the manipulation at play, the influential figures have essentially won the game regarding the average person. Manipulating the masses has become remarkably easy in today’s world. Therefore, it is crucial to approach everything we read, see, and hear with scepticism, mainly if it originates from a multibillion-dollar corporation. To them, individuals are mere dollar symbols. Hence, it is essential to verify information meticulously, ideally checking it more than three times.

Furthermore, it is unwise to wear our emotions on our sleeves. Although money holds importance, it is ultimately meaningless if we remain unaware and controlled. True freedom is invaluable, something many fail to comprehend.

Manipulation and Chaos: Unveiling the Dark Forces in Today’s World

Only children and babies appear to grasp its significance. Perhaps that is why babies cry so much—they yearn to communicate something but lack the means to do so. By the time they gain the ability, they have already forgotten.

COVID’s primary purpose was not to cause physical harm but instead served as an experiment to manipulate and control the crowd. They’ve been poisoning the food, water, and information we receive for decades. The main objective was to test if they could convince us to give up our freedom willingly, and unfortunately, they found that money and fear can indeed sway the masses.

As a result, it’s expected that chaos will ensue in the Western world. They’ll be using AI to trigger large-scale events that will cause panic and extreme emotions, all to drain your wallets and play with your Emotions/mindset.

Focus on the now; that is all you have and will ever have. Tomorrow might come, and yesterday is gone, but the now is here and accessible.

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