PUTIN: Russia Stronger Than everybody & Russia goes on Gold buying spree

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his belief that Russia is the strongest nation, which will lead to — in his eyes — a positive end in Crimea, according to an interview with the state-owned TASS news agency.

PUTIN: Russia Stronger Than everybody

During the interview, Putin stated that everything will “end well” in Crimea because “it’s just that we’re stronger [than] everybody.”

“We’re stronger,” he said, “because we’re right. When the Russian feels that he’s right, he’s unstoppable. I’m saying this sincerely, not just to pontificate,” he added. Right now, there is an ongoing conflict in the southern and eastern parts of Ukraine — areas that have had predominantly ethnic Russian populations since the days of the Soviet Union.

Back in March 2014, Russia   annexed Crimea , which was previously a part of Ukraine. Since then, there has been conflict between the pro-Russian separatists and the Ukrainian government — most notably in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

“I have developed a certain style over the years. I never make arbitrary decisions — the ones whose outcomes I cannot see,” Putin said. “It’s like when you’re [driving] on the road: if you’re not sure, don’t pass [the car next to you]… You have to be absolutely clear that there’s no upcoming traffic — that you’re truly in control of the situation.”  “Those who are trying to compete with us, are on the wrong side of the road. We’re on the right side of the road, and we’re on cruise control,” Putin stated about the current situation. Full Story

[color-box color=”blue”]Time will tell if Putin is right. However, he is correct when it comes to Russians and their homeland. They have a fierce sense of loyalty, and when you push them to the limit, especially in their homeland, they will fight to the very end and then some more.  Their tenacity is incredible, and the amount of pain and suffering they can endure is truly astounding to say the least.   It is their cool and relaxed attitude that fools many into thinking they can be pushed. They keep quiet for a long time, but there is a red line, and when that line is crossed then the scenario suddenly changes.  This is why Putin has so much support. For almost every Russian feels that the West is not only trying to squash Putin, but that they are trying to squash Russia and these sanctions will indeed have the opposite effect. The bear is ready for a long brutal cold winter, but sadly neither Europe nor America is ready for this. Especially Europe, which is already losing a fortune from foolishly imposing sanctions on Russia; business will forever be lost and given to new countries. [/color-box]


Russia goes on decade’s biggest gold buying spree

Between July-September 2014 central banks added 92.8 tonnes of gold to their reserves – and 59% of net purchases in this period were made by Russia

Between July-September 2014 central banks added 92.8 tonnes of gold to their reserves – and 59% of net purchases in this period were made by Russia. Russia was followed by Kazakhstan, which added 28 tonnes to its reserves, and Azerbaijan bought a further seven tonnes. Both Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan are members of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Russia has overtaken China in the amount of gold held by its central bank.

Gold now makes up 10.6% of Russia’s total reserves, up from just under 8.4% a year ago. Russia has added about 115 tonnes of gold to its reserves this year to date – roughly a 50% increase in both the previous two years’ purchases. Full Story

[color-box color=”blue”]We wonder why they would buy so much Gold. Do they know something we do not?  Maybe they feel the dollar might collapse.  Nah that could never happen to the mighty Greenback could do it.  Yes, these Ruskies are dreaming, all is well with the dollar, and nothing can touch this mighty instrument that is backed by the solid promise of a clean and non-corrupt government.   Yes, a lovely twisted dream at best; the dollar is rotten to the core and supported by mendacious scoundrels who would sell their mothers in a heartbeat. [/color-box]

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