Outlook for Democrats looks bleak Even if Clinton Wins

Outlook for Democrats looks bleak Even if Clinton Wins

The video below clearly illustrates that Democrats are in trouble. Either she is on drugs or completely insane for no one can laugh when asked a serious question. Look at how she laughs and responds to serious questions that most people would answer in a sombre manner; not Hillary she feels she can say and do whatever she wants and this video shreds her to bits

In only eight states do Democrats have full control; in the rest, they either have no control or have to share it with the Republicans. If the Democrats lose the presidency, they will have almost no voice. Americans are sick of these stupid liberal agendas, like the transgender laws. Since when should a person who feels like he is a woman be allowed to go into a bathroom with real women and children. If they want to create freedom of expression, then open transgender bathrooms and don’t infringe on the rights of others.  This is why this country has fallen as liberals have enacted policies that they thought could help others, but ended up causing, even more, damage. If you are going to give rights to one group, it should result in another group loss of rights, and that is what the liberal agenda has created; a huge group of disfranchised individuals, that have been forced to accept rules and regulations that they are totally against.

If Republicans control both the house and the senate it appears that the Democrats have little to fall back on if they lose the presidency. It appears that the press is purposely trying to paint a false picture.  A recent article illustrates that republicans are gaining ground on registering voters and that some key battleground states are swinging to the red

“The Clinton campaign cannot come close to our output,” said Sean Spicer, the Republican National Committee’s chief strategist, in a campaign memorandum Monday.

The latest registration numbers aren’t an assurance of new voters for Trump.

Some changes reflect those who have died and been removed from the list, while others are inactive, not having voted in recent elections.

In Florida, newly registered Hispanics are turning against the Republican nominee, stung by his anti-immigrant rhetoric.

And Democrats historically have done well in signing up new voters in the final stretch.

But the figures, when available, offer important clues as to how each party stands.

Iowa is a bright spot for Trump among battleground states, with Republicans now holding an edge of 19,000 total registered voters over Democrats, 691,000 to 672,000.

While independents are the most numerous at 755,000, much of the state’s Republican establishment has rallied around Trump. A state court in June upheld a ban on voting for an estimated 20,000 ex-felons, many of them African-American. Full Story

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