Obama Official Attacking Trump Trade Policy Interrupted by News That It’s Working

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Obama Official Attacking Trump Trade Policy Interrupted by News That It's Working

Trump Trade Policy: Jack Lewis States They Are Not Working

Jack Lewis former treasury secretary proves that he is a moron as his song of doom is interrupted with real-time news proving the policies of Obama were wrong and those of Trump are working. However like all members of the Obama team even when he is confronted with evidence in real time he continues to lie.


“I’m in a little bit of a bad position to respond not knowing the full details,” Lew stammered.  Hahaha man, you should be apologizing for your foolish take on the situation, but you continue to lie stating that you would need to look at the data first.  Hey, there is nothing to look at, other than the twisted data you were relying on to generate your false claims.

However, CNBC’s Sara Eisen was not going to walk away quietly without taking a jab at this joker a she felt that Trump’s trade policies were showing results

“If this is true, this would be certainly a win for the administration, and it would show the world that these tough trade tactics are working — this idea of short-term pain for long-term gain,” she said. “It’s certainly not the way you guys went about it.”

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