Man ran crack, prostitute house in retirement community

prostitute house

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Man ran prostitute house

A Berkeley Township man was arrested Tuesday after authorities discovered he was operating a “crack house” and offering prostitution in a retirement community, the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office announced.

Jason Scala, 47, was charged with possessing and dealing in cocaine after detectives raided his house in the Holiday City section of Berkeley shortly before 9 p.m., Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato and Berkeley police Chief Karin DiMichele announced.
Authorities said the home was being used as a “crack house,” a place for people to visit to buy and use drugs. It was also being utilized for prostitution and as an unlicensed tattoo parlor, the statement said.

During the raid, authorities found cocaine and materials used to sell the drug. They also found prescription pills, marijuana and a substance believed to be heroin, according to authorities. Read more


A 75-year-old resident of a New Jersey senior citizen housing complex is suspected of running a prostitution ring that employed some elderly residents as sex workers, NBC 4 New York has learned.
The suspect, James Parham, 75, was also accused, along with Cheryl Chaney, 66, of allowing residents and visitors to use crack in their apartments, police said.
Both are charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and maintaining a nuisance, and Chaney is also charged with possession of crack cocaine.
O’Keefe says there was also sex and drug use going on in common areas of the complex, and that some seniors were afraid to venture into certain areas because they were afraid for their lives.
Richard Allaway, a resident, says he and others were aware of “a lot of nonsense going on.”
“Why they wait so late in life to start doing stuff they should have did years ago, or shouldn’t have touched period, why do you wait this late?” he said. Read more


65 year old ran prostitute house

A foster dad allegedly pimped out children in his care along with a 65-year-old accomplice as they ran a prostitution ring from an apartment at a senior living facility in Massachusetts.

Pittsfield police arrested 65-year-old Joseph Van Wert and 45-year-old foster dad Randy Lambach and held them without bail on charges including human trafficking.
He kept anywhere from 50 to 90 percent of the money and sometimes he would take the full profit and pay the woman with a few bags of heroin or some crack cocaine.

Apparently Van Wert used his apartment at a senior living facility as a place to conduct the prostitution and his partner in crime, Lambach, allegedly threatened to turn the women in if they refused to work claiming police would not believe them because they were, ‘drug addicts and wh***s’.
A witness told police she saw photographs of some of the women and speculated that one woman was as young 15-years-old. Read more

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