I will go to the Netherlands: Turkish minister defies Dutch resistance

Turkish minister defies Dutch resistance

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Turkish minister defies Dutch resistance

But despite a planned rally in Rotterdam being cancelled, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu is defiant.

“I will go to the Netherlands, of course I will,” he told reporters in Ankara on Thursday.

“Everybody should know that no such implementations, no such obstacles can stop us. Nobody can stop us from meeting our citizens. We will not succumb to fascists and racists like Wilders. We will go and meet our citizens whenever and wherever they want.”

“The Turks know that we are against such a visit to address large groups of Turks,” he said.

“It has to do with the fact that he is a minister. It is not that we are barring Turkish politicians but ministers who want to talk about such purely national issues.” Full Story

Dutch police expel Turkish minister as ‘Nazi remnants’ row escalates

Turkish authorities have sealed off the Dutch embassy and consulate, sources at Turkey’s foreign ministry have said, in the latest incident in a tit-for-tat row between the two countries over Turkish campaigning in Europe.

Turkey also closed off the residences of the Dutch ambassador, charge d’affaires and consul general as tensions between the Nato partners escalated after the Dutch government barred Turkey’s foreign minister from flying to Rotterdam.

In the Netherlands, the Turkish family affairs minister was detained by the authorities to prevent her addressing a Rotterdam rally in support of the Turkish president and escorted to the German border. Police later used horseback charges to break up a pro-Turkey crowd that had gathered at the country’s consulate in the city.

Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya said through her Twitter account early on Sunday that she was being taken to the town of Nijmegen, near the border with Germany, adding that she condemned the Dutch authorities’ action in “the name of all of our citizens”.

“If my going will increase tensions, let it be,” he told CNN Turk. “What damage will my going have on them? I am a foreign minister and I can go wherever I want.”

“Many Dutch people with a Turkish background are authorised to vote in the referendum over the Turkish constitution. The Dutch government does not have any protest against gatherings in our country to inform them about it,” he said.

“But these gatherings may not contribute to tensions in our society and everyone who wants to hold a gathering is obliged to follow instructions of those in authority so that public order and safety can be guaranteed.” Full Story

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