Hungary’s leader Sates Soros act’s are a declaration of war

Hungary’s leader Sates Soros act’s are a declaration of war and he is right Hungary’s leader Sates Soros act’s are a declaration of war

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — Hungary’s prime minister says criticism by billionaire George Soros who has made claims about corruption and a “mafia state” in Hungary is a “declaration of war.” Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Friday that the Hungarian-American investor is paying “agent-like networks” of non-governmental organizations to enforce his policies, including the promotion of migration, in Europe and Hungary.

Replying to a Soros speech Thursday in Brussels, Orban said on state radio that Soros’ policies were “elitist and anti-democratic” because they were opposed by the Hungarian people. Orban accused the NGOs supported by Soros of lacking transparency and operating “like a mafia.”

The ideological conflict between Orban and Soros has deepened in the past months after parliament approved legal changes which could force Central European University, founded by Soros, to leave Budapest. Full Story

The war against individuals like Soros is going to pick steam; for too long people like him have been allowed to wreak havoc. It is interesting to note that countries with a tiny fraction of the power of America are the ones standing up to crooks like this. Soro’s is days are numbered and it seems he is simply to arrogant to understand or accept this fact. 


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