Hong Kong ranked freest economy for 22nd year

Hong Kong ranked freest economy for 22nd year


Hong Kong ranked freest economy

“Despite the challenges in the global economy over the past few years, Hong Kong is fully committed to maintaining sound fiscal policy, preserving our simple and low tax system, upholding the rule of law, and keeping our society free from corruption. This approach forms the basis of Hong Kong’s resilience, economic growth, and prosperity.”

Hong Kong seems to be doing the right thing but it remains to be seen how long it will remain free as China continues to vie for influence. We suspect in the years to come that this Hong Kong will have to give up this bantam, to possibly another Asian Country, perhaps Taiwan or Singapore


Hong Kong’s overall score of 88.6 was lower than that of 2015 (89.6).

So Hong Kong ranks as number one and the United States cannot even make it to the top 10.  Our country is run by crooks and thieves. Governments control everything and when this occurs there is very little room for freedom.  America is no longer the land of the free; it is the land of slaves and subjugation


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