SLV Stock Price Today: Charging Bull’s Golden Trail

SLV Stock Price Today: ready to surge

SLV Stock Price Today: Precious Metals Stampede on Golden Road

Updated March 31, 2024

Palladium stands out as the outlier, currently the most oversold precious metal and, as of this week, the most oversold market overall. Gold and Silver, on the other hand, are biding their time after a significant move from their lows. In September 2022, Gold was around 1600, and Silver at 17.50. The longer-term outlook remains bullish, but patience and discipline are now crucial.

On the weekly charts, Silver appears stronger than Gold, with a good chance of testing the 24-25 range before a potential pullback. However, until the monthly chart patterns strengthen, which hasn’t occurred yet, volatility is expected in both metals.

Palladium, however, could be the game-changer. When it starts moving, be prepared for something extraordinary. Its thinly traded Market makes it susceptible to manipulation by big players, unlike the Gold and Silver markets, which are more resilient. Market update February 19, 2024

 It didn’t take much to drive Gold and Silver to higher levels. Gold has reached new highs almost weekly, with Silver, the “poor man’s gold,” poised to follow suit. Currently, there’s a three-way battle underway between the U.S. dollar, precious metals, and cryptocurrencies. Cryptos in bubble territory hold the key; if they falter, attention will shift to precious metals and the USD. Should the dollar fail to hold its ground, it would signal further trouble for the currency. Eventually, the clash will extend to include USD, crypto, and commodities, making for an intriguing scenario—more on that in future updates.

Silver is gearing up to test the $27 range, potentially overshooting to $29. Investors should welcome sharp pullbacks in the precious metal sector from a long-term perspective, as they will signal substantial buying opportunities amidst a bullish outlook. Gold, for the first time, has paved the way for a test of the $4500 to $5100 range. However, do not to fixate solely on these targets, as the journey is bound to be volatile. Certain stocks in this sector are primed for explosive growth. As for Palladium, it presents an exceptional long-term opportunity. However, it awaits one more crucial signal before it can truly be categorised as the “investment of a lifetime,” a distinction that is hard to achieve.


From this juncture onward, let’s delve into the outlook through a historical lens, recognizing that failure to learn from history often leads to its repetition.

US Dollar Gaining Traction

The dollar has just rallied to a new 11-month high and will soon set a new 52-week high; in contrast, Gold has refused to trade below its Feb 5 low of 1045. In February 2010, the Dollar was trading much lower, and so by logic, Gold should have easily dipped below its Feb 2010 lows. Instead, we find that Gold is just a hop and skip away from testing its old highs.

Gold has now reached new highs in all major currencies. The strongest of the bunch has been Palladium, which went on to set a series of new highs in the face of a rising dollar. These extreme divergences indicate that the precious metals market is sensing another crisis in the not-too-distant future; our guess would be another currency crisis.

Physical bullion is the best hedge against a currency crisis and an inflationary environment. ETF players can purchase SLV, GLD, CUT, GDX, PALL, etc.  Please don’t focus on  SLV Stock Price Today; focus on its long-term trend. The best time to get into any investment is to buy when the masses are nervous and vice versa.

SLV Stock Price Today Update

SLV iShares Silver Trust daily Stock Chart

A monthly close above 15.50 should lead to a test of the 18.00 to 21 ranges, with a strong chance of overshooting to the 24.00 ranges. Those looking for more leverage could invest in leveraged ETFs such as USLV and AGQ.

SLV Stock Price Update June 23, 2020

SLV iShares Silver Trust monthly Stock Chart

Looking at the yearly chart (each bar represents one month’s worth of data), one can see that SLV is still trading in the extremely oversold ranges. Moreover, it trades in an extensive channel formation, and once it breaks out of this channel formation, its upward movement will be explosive. A monthly close above 18.00 should lead to a test of the 24.00 to 25.50 ranges with a possible overshoot to the 29 to 30.00 ranges. When 24.00 is tested, we will re-evaluate the outlook and determine if SLV can take out its old highs.

Gold and silver updated  Aug 2020

Notice that the dollar on the weekly charts now trades in extremely oversold ranges, so a relief rally is due. The dollar is still consolidating on the monthly charts, so this rally will likely fail and could result in a test of the 90 range. In the long term, the dollar will dominate, and here’s the level 4 reason: AI is going to become such a powerful commodity, and as the US controls most of the Top AI players, the US economy and the stock market could expand so much so, that its current debt could/will appear insignificant. The US has two massive advantages right now: the world’s reserve currency and almost total domination in AI and AI-related technologies.  There is a third advantage: it has the world’s strongest military.

Slv stock price is based on US strength

Gold ended the month decisively above its old all-time highs. Gold is now in a new bull market. Before you jump in joy, understand that this does not imply that Gold will skyrocket from these levels.  Gold is likely to test the 1990 to 2100 ranges before experiencing a reasonably sharp pullback. This pullback should be embraced if you are a Gold Bug or hard money fan.  Market Update July 31, 2020

For those asking for us to issue targets for Gold, we did so in the last update, and Gold has traded within the stated range; it could trade to the 2100 ranges and maybe overshoot a bit more, but it’s probably getting ready to let out some steam. Gold and most of the precious metals sector are now in a new bull market, so sharp pullbacks should be embraced. Hence, if you have a significant position in Gold, banking some profits over the next few days to a few weeks might not be a bad idea.  Silver is still not in a new bull market; it will only enter a new one when it takes out its old highs. As it has to play catch up, we suspect that the next leg up will lead to a fast and furious move.


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