GMO banned In 60 countries but not in the US

GMO banned In 60 countries but not in the US

Over 60 Countries now ban GMO foods and yet the US continuous to embrace them. One of the deadliest of all companies is Monsanto and why has to wonder why the government allows the markers of such poisons to exist. Monsanto forces farmers into using their products through the use of the court system. As they have deep pockets they can bankrupt a farmer through via the legal system and in the end many farmers simply settle out of court and agree to become slaves of Monsanto.

So why is America doing nothing?

Are consumers overreacting when they state GMO foods are dangerous; based on the scientific evidence the answer would have to be no. US consumers are begging for organic or natural foods; food that contain ingredients they can pronounce are aware off.  It appears that the reason the U.S government is dragging its feet, is because it has been bought and paid for by the corporate world.

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Mike Pompeo’s one of the corporate whores has come out with a bill to support Monsanto and its being fast tracked through congress despite that fact that thousands of people have signed petitions to stop it.

Congress loves Americans so much so that it did the following

“The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday passed a hotly debated measure that blocks any mandatory labeling of foods made with genetically engineered crops, including pre-empting a state law set to take effect next year in Vermont… Opponents countered that 64 other countries require labeling of GMO foods, the science on safety is mixed, and consumers have a right to know if their food is made with GMOs.”

GMO Companies spending huge amounts to fight the need to provide labels stating that Food contains GMO ingredients.

In the first half of this year, GMO-label opponents like Monsanto and DuPont spent around $27 million in lobbying, or three times their entire spending in 2013.

Those who support labelling spent only $1.9 million in lobbying, up slightly from the previous year’s $1.6 million.  Full Story

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