Global Warming Hoax destroyed by Nobel Laureate

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 Global Warming Hoax destroyed by Nobel Laureate

Global Warming Hoax was invented for a reason? Let’s find out what that reason might be. 

Close to 32,000 scientists signed this petition stating that the Global warming story line is total rubbish.  Mass psychology clearly illustrates that if the masses believe in something, that one should approach that topic with caution. Translation; if the masses accept something like the Gospel; the odds state that the storyline is likely to be flawed.  TheGlobal Warming Hoax is nothing but a scam perpetrated by the elite to rob the poor.

Dr Ivar Giaever, a Nobel Prize-Winner for physics in 1973 states that Global warming is a non-problem.

Global Warming Hoax invented to bilk the average citizen 

If scientists don’t believe in this hypothesis, and they have the credentials to understand the theory behind these claims, then logic dictates that a rational individual should take the same route.  The main players here are corporations and politicians.  Politicians are nothing but paid corporate prostitutes, therefore, the only time you can trust these two groups is when their lips are not moving.  This Video reveals the depth of the Global Warming Hoax, and the length governments will go to serve their higher masters: these master lie in the shadows.

Global Warming Hoax;  several scientists debunk the Global Warming Theory 

As Dr Richard Lindzen, Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, observed, NAS President Ralph Cicerone is really saying that “…regardless of evidence the answer is predetermined. If government wants carbon control, that is the answer that the Academies will provide.”

21st century changes are neither exceptional or persistent, and the historical and geological records show many periods warmer than today. Also, there is an extensive literature that examines beneficial effects of increased levels of carbon dioxide in both animals and plants.

While real polling of climate scientists and organization memberships is rare, there are a few examples. A 2008 international survey of climate scientists conducted by German scientists Dennis Bray and Hans von Storch revealed deep disagreement regarding two-thirds of the 54 questions asked about their professional views. Responses to about half of those areas were skewed on the “skeptic” side, with no consensus to support any alarm. The majority did not believe that atmospheric models can deal with important influences of clouds, precipitation, atmospheric convection, ocean convection, or turbulence. Most also did not believe that climate models can predict precipitation, sea level rise, extreme weather events, or temperature values for the next 50 year. Full Story

Global Warming Hoax Game Plan 

As a result of this push to prevent global warming, many sectors have taken it to the chin. Consequently, sectors such as coal could make for a great long-term investments as a result of the Global Warming Hoax ploy. Coal consumption is not going to drop; Asia will continue to embrace coal as its cheap and new coal plants are almost as efficient as nuclear power stations. Contrarian investors can take advantage of the Global Warming Hoax to get into some energy stocks at rock bottom prices.

List of coal stocks to buy to take advantage of the Global Warming Hoax


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