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Financial InsightsThe Tactical Investor Financial Insights project is our way of getting out relevant data, by eliminating the noise factor.

Our goal is to make reading Stock Market News more fun and to get the message in five minutes or less. Wall Street and the government share the same bed; Congress is bought and paid for by the corporate world.

Using the concepts of mass psychology, contrarian investing and technical analysis, we will cut through the Jargon and provide you only with the data you need, minus the nonsense factor.  In essence, this is the goal of the Five Minute Financial Financial Insights endeavour.  Today’s financial outlets focus on Gossip instead of providing financial insights and this is why many of them are losing a huge swath of their readership.

Weaponised News AKA Fake News How to deal with it

Be sceptical of everything. Never accept any claim, story, or news article as 100 per cent true. Leave the door slightly ajar for intellectual escape. Take the stance of a good scientist and remember that all knowledge is provisional. Be humble—you don’t know everything about everything—and cling to a bit of uncertainty in all things so that you never tie yourself too tightly to a concept that might turn out to be a mistake or lie.

Consider the source. While we cannot trust any source completely and without reservation, the reputation of a source is a key step in assessing a news article. One of the first things I do when I encounter a news article, post, or anything online is to look at the source. I rarely, if ever, read the entire text of a news story without first noting the source. Psychology Today



How will Gold fare in a negative interest environment

Conventional wisdom states that precious metals trend upward when rates are rising. We are living in strange times, and central ...
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Electric Vehicles set to wreck havoc on Crude oil market

Technical analysis and trend analysis reveals that Crude oil appears to have peaked forever; it is unlikely that we will ...
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Japan Negative Interest Rates & The Race To The Bottom

Japan negative interest rates Negative rates are not an issue in Japan,  Europe is being plagued with the same disease ...
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Do Investors need to own Gold; The answer might surprise you

You don’t purchase insurance on your home because you know your home is going to burn down. You purchase it ...
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Projected Silver prices: Will Precious Metals Take Off

Projected Silver prices & PMS The fundamental factors were incredibly bullish for Gold running into 2011 and after that, but ...
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Gold price forecast next 5 years: Is the trend positive

Gold price forecast next 5 years There is simply too much emphasis placed on trying to time the top or ...
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testing chart 125647

Quotes by TradingView AAPL Chart by TradingView Economic Calendar by TradingView ...
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Collusion how central bankers rigged the world

Collusion how central bankers rigged the world There can be no better proof than direct quotes from leaders illustrating the ...
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Fiat Currency: silent but deadly weapons of Mass Destruction

Rigging US Markets Via Stock Purchases; Here's how they do it Central bankers utilise fiat money to rain misery and ...
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Federal reserve bank definition equates to Deception & Fraud

Federal reserve bank definition Most people do not even know this, but the Federal Reserve is not even a federal ...
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Federal Reserve’s Game plan; create a new class of slaves

This article is going to be short and sweet; a brief synopsis of what you need to know about the ...
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Oops we are doing it again; Subprime Auto Loan Crisis party has begun

Greed and recklessness continue to govern the markets; nothing was learned from the 2008 financial crisis. Hence, history is destined ...
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Central bankers use Monetary Policy as weapons of Mass Destruction

"If Congress has the right to issue paper money, it was given to them to be used by and not ...
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Wall Street Mafia Utilize Psychological War Fare to Con the masses

Psychological Warfare; Con the Masses into taking a stance The top shadowy players are the true puppet masters; they are ...
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Most Americans Cannot Retire; insufficient funds top reason

At age 58 and less than a decade away from retirement, Nancie Eichengreen, found herself having to start over from ...
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Financial Experts Good For Nothing Except Fleecing the Masses

Financial Experts As Good As Monkeys With Darts Clear proof that the so-called  Financial Experts on Wall Street would make ...
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War on cash & death of Middle Class

The War on cash We are in the midst of a full-blown currency war as a nation after nation jumps ...
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Current Rate Of Inflation: Fed’s True Intent To Destroy the Middle Class

Fed is masking current rate of inflation What’s strikes one immediately is that the Fed has been creating money hand ...
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400 billion Corporate Tax forgiveness could trigger massive rally in the markets

400 billion Corporate Tax forgiveness could trigger massive rally in the markets Before we get into this, and why it ...
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Fraud Definition Equates To U.S firms fudging their numbers

Fraud Definition: US Corporations Fudging The Books U.S firms are resorting to sophisticated forms of manipulation otherwise known as fraud ...
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Some economic woes but no hard landing for China

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang pledged there will be "no hard landing" for the world's second-biggest economy as it presses ahead ...
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