Federal Reserve’s Game plan; create a new class of slaves

Federal Reserve’s Game plan; create a new class of slaves

This article is going to be short and sweet; a brief synopsis of what you need to know about the setup is contained in the paragraph below. However, we are also going to provide a few videos that can help shed further light on this situation.

Central banker’s main theme is to force the entire world into embracing negative rates

Lower rates mean more hot money will flow into the markets and companies will borrow even larger sums to buy back their shares, to further enhance the illusion that all is well.  By buying back their shares, they can raise the EPS without actually improving efficiency or selling more products. Additionally, it will push more and more individuals who are on a fixed income into speculating. Ironically, these are the last people who can really afford to speculate.  When they finally throw the Towel in and enter the markets, the markets will most likely top and wipe away most if not all of their savings, creating a new class of slaves who will embrace this fraudulent system instead of resist it. Resistance is wiped via slavery; forcing the individual to be dependent on the state means that you have one less person out there willing to challenge the system.

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A small introduction into the negative rates and how the central bankers have managed to lower rates in front of the biggest money printing scheme in history.

They have managed to do this by lowering the velocity of money and forcing bankers all over the world to lower rates by pushing them to buy their own bonds, thereby lowering rates even more and finally into the negative territory.  The video below explains the velocity of money.

Why  Gold Crashed when it should have exploded upwards 

What the Fed did was slow the velocity of money (M2) and in doing so made sure that inflation would not be an issue. In fact, that is why Gold crashed when everyone was expecting it to race to the moon.  The Gold bugs are still in shock, but if they understood the velocity of money, they would have understood that Gold was ready to top. In fact, we warned our subscribers that Gold would top, the dollar would rally, the Euro would crash as well as the Yen. We did this all back in 2011, and very close to the actual top.

Mode of Attack

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