The fall of the House of Clinton

the House of Clinton


The Demise of The House of Clinton

Peter Wehner wrote an article in 2008 about the political realities of the road to the White House. He discussed the falling of the House of Clinton, the lines of attack against Obama, and the Iraq war. Hillary Clinton’s loss in Wisconsin made it improbable for her to win the nomination. Obama evened the playing field with Clinton in 2007, and he has been able to pry away her support with ease. McCain laid out the lines of attack against Obama and will make it clear to all of America that if it chooses Barack Obama as its next president, it will be selecting a thorough-going liberal. Obama’s policies are conventionally liberal, and his description of America is fairly downbeat. McCain can rightly claim distance from the failures of the Iraq policy, and he can do well in this debate by pointing out that Barack Obama was wrong in opposing the surge.  Source 

House Of Clinton. Hillary’s Chronic Complacency

Hillary Clinton’s complacency was a chronic issue in the 2016 presidential election. Despite being warned by the Bernie Sanders insurgency, Clinton’s political, policy, and personal complacency led to her defeat. Politically, she neglected blue states like Michigan and Wisconsin, assuming that she could rely on her “blue wall.” Clinton also failed to develop an animating idea or program that could win elections. Personally, she miscalculated that an upstart insurgent could not beat her.

Clinton ran her campaign as a cautious, defensive crouch, minimizing the signs of her opponent’s powerful anti-establishment appeal while failing to offer a persuasive alternative aspirational message of her own. Demographics were also not Clinton’s destiny as the nation is angrier and more fearful, partly because of dislocations and disappointments caused by economic globalization. Clinton’s chronic complacency underscores the need for a more robust economic frame and message, which the Democrats need to fix.  Source

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