We are working on launching a new type of dividend service, where we will combine the elements of mass psychology, technical analysis and fundamental analysis, something which no one has done in the industry. Additionally, this service will feature techniques that will allow the conservative investor to achieve rates comparable to those achieved by speculators without having to take on that risk. In today's environment savers are being punished while speculators are being handsomely rewarded.  This will not apply to you any longer.  Imagine using a technique that is as safe as buying a stock, but allows you  to force a stock that you like but that does not pay a dividend to deliver a payment is in most cases higher than dividends paid out by similar companies in the same sector.  Or, how about, turbo-charging your dividends so that instead of collecting 4%-6% a year, you could collect as much as 30% and without taking on extra risk. Or how about utilizing a simple technique that allows you to get paid while you wait for the stock you like to trade into your suggested entry ranges.

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