Department Stores should be worried

Department Stores should be worried as something big is happening at Amazon

A recent survey conducted by Morgan Stanley found that almost half of the consumers, about 46%, have bought clothes on Amazon in the last year, making it the second most popular retailer for clothing purchases after Walmart, which had a 60% rate. Furthermore, the frequency of purchasing clothing from

Amazon appears to be increasing, with 36% of respondents indicating they bought clothing on the platform multiple times this year compared to 31% last year. The survey was carried out online in the United States and involved 1,000 participants aged 18 or over between April 4 and April 12. This indicates a shift towards online clothing shopping and may have implications for the traditional brick-and-mortar stores that rely on in-store purchases. .Full Story

There are too many retail stores, Malls and restaurants in the US. A significant cleansing process is underway. If one looks at the malls in Asia, one can understand why the Malls in the US are dying. The Malls in Asia are like five-star hotels; the service and selection are superb. These Malls are mini-cities and house almost everything one needs in one location—fine dining, casual dining, top brands, regular brands, supervised entertainment for children, etc. In comparison, most American malls look either like garages or warehouses. Not to mention that service, in general, is terrible, the stores are in disarray, and the lines are usually long. When you purchase online, it takes a few seconds, you can compare prices fast, and if you don’t like the item, it’s easy to return. 


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