Breaking News That Matters

Breaking News that matters

Most websites are happy only to recycle gossip and pass it off as news.  Other sites put very catchy titles to attract eyeballs. Upon reading the article, you are left with a bad taste in your mouth and the uncontrollable urge to strike out at the author. Most reporters today would be better of, selling used cars as their skills are on par with a used car salesperson.  At the Tactical Investor, our focus is on studying mass behavioural patterns and using that knowledge to determine opportunities in the market.  We take a similar approach to news, we do not want to discuss gossip but look at developments that could have an effect on the investment landscape.  Wars, Geopolitics, wild weather, etc. are some of the things we watch; these things to tend to have some impact on the markets. Their impact will range from mild to massive depending on the severity of the development.  We curate the stories we put out here and so we hope that you find this new feature to be of interest.


Dossier exposes Hillary Clinton, Democrats (Oct 31)

Clinton ally resigns as firm cited in Manafort indictment (Oct 31)

Tony Podesta steps down from lobbying firm (Oct 31)

The Clintons Corrupt Everything They Touch (Oct 31)

Mueller’s criminal past reveals he is unfit to lead the investigation  (Oct 31)

Robert Mueller’s Past Reveals He Is Unfit To lead Russian Investigation (Oct 31)

War Psychology (Sept 8)

Can China and USA truly rise over the old ideas? (Sept 8)

FINRA’s Axelrod Warns Financial Industry: Adapt or Die (Sept 7)

Millennials are killing everything. Are you next? (Sept 6)

Antifa: the left’s legacy actually called out by mainstream media (Sept 5)

US business economists fret over Trump policy agenda (Sept 4)

Millennials Can’t Afford Homes Because Of Bachelor Parties & Weddings (Sept 1)

Smoking Weed May Permanently Change How You Walk (Sept 1)

New treatment could be the end of peanut allergy (Aug 30)

India’s trespassing both illegal and unwise (Aug 30)

Valerie Plame Wilson on quest to buy Twitter to boot Donald Trump (Aug 28)

This Market Is Absolutely 100% Going To Crash; You Sure About That? (Aug 25)

Millennials want small business careers (Aug 24)

Abraham Lincoln monument torched in Chicago (Aug 22)

No, Trump’s support hasn’t collapsed, but yes, he’s increasingly alone (Aug 21)


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