Alt-right continues to gain traction in Europe in 2018

alt right

Alt right AKA left movement

We are not in favour of the Alt-right, or left movement; we think both groups are being fed with corrupt data.  The path that is least trodden is the path that is the right one. In this case, the right path is the middle, but 90% will choose the left or the right so there will be very few in the middle and this is why we have cautioned everyone against wearing their emotions on their sleeves.

It would be nice to go back to the days where an individual could have a different opinion regardless of what it may be, and the opposing groups could choose to agree to disagree peacefully, but those days (and sadly so) are long gone.  It gives us no pleasure to talk about these polarising trends and if we could change these trends, we would, but we know how futile it is to stand in the way of a trend in motion.  Therefore, it is irrelevant whether we disagree or agree with these trends; the only point to focus on is that a trend in motion is unstoppable.  On a positive note,  we can position ourselves to benefit from these trends or put ourselves out of harm’s way.

Now that the Sweden Democrats scored a big win, we have to sadly state that this trend has 90% chance of lasting at least 15 years. The count started roughly in 2016, so it could last until 2030 with a possible overshoot to 2033.  Mark our words governments worldwide and corporations will use these trends to swindle billions if not trillions from the masses. The best time to rob someone is when they are distracted, and the best way to distract someone is to get them to focus on issues that make their blood boil.   Translating this to the financial markets; this bull market is probably going to soar to levels that might even shock us, and we have been one of the most vocal voices on this bull market.  Worldwide debt though, especially American and European will soar to mind-boggling levels.  Remember there was a time when the US national was below one million dollars.


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