AI in Agriculture: Amazing Advances For Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence AI in Agriculture

Can Artificial Intelligence help improve agricultural productivity?

When l reflected on the future of agriculture, l could not avoid thinking about the power of technology to solve problems bedevilling this sector. Climate change, population growth and food security concerns have pushed for innovative technological solutions to farming.

Artificial Intelligence is emerging as part of the solutions towards improved agricultural productivity. In this item, l will look at what AI is, how it is used in agriculture, common AI applications that have been used. I will conclude by prodding some emerging concerns on AI.

AI in agriculture

Individual agricultural activities on the farm take effort, for example planting, maintaining, and harvesting crops need money, energy, labour and resources. What if we can use technology to replace some of the human activities and guarantee efficiency? That’s where artificial intelligence comes in. Read more

AI in agriculture expected to grow exponentially by 2025

According to the new research report on the “AI in Agriculture Market by Technology – Global Forecast to 2025”, the market is expected to grow by 22.5% to reach $2.6bn by 2025 from $518.7m in 2017.

Agriculture, currently one of the world’s least digitised major industries, is expected to go through a transformation as data acquisition, agricultural robotics and analytic companies grow.

The rapid growth of the AI in agriculture market can be attributed to various factors, including the growing demand for agricultural production owing to the increasing population, rising adoption of information management systems and new, advanced technologies for improving crop productivity.

Machine learning-enabled solutions are being significantly adopted by agricultural organisations and farmers to enhance farm productivity and to gain a competitive edge in business operations.

Moreover, in the coming years, the application of machine learning and computer vision in various agricultural practices is expected to rise exponentially. Read more

Amazing Advances In AI Agriculture

When we think about agriculture, we tend to think about old-school farming. But although many of us might think that the agricultural community is behind the curve when it comes to implementing new technologies, there is lots of evidence that farmers are actually moving quite quickly to modernize almost everything about the farming process – they’re using artificial intelligence in new and amazing ways to bring the process of food cultivation into the future.

Sowing the Seeds

High-tech agriculture starts at the very second that the seed is first placed in the ground. Experts in the field are familiar with “variable-rate planting equipment” that does more than just planting a seed down into the dirt somewhere.

As you’ll see later in this article, all sorts of artificial intelligence work is being done behind the scenes on predictions – where a seed will grow best, what soil conditions are likely to be, etc. The power of artificial intelligence is being applied to agricultural big data in order to make farming much more efficient – and that’s only the beginning. (Learn more about how farmers use big data in Why Big Data Is Big Business in Agriculture.) Read more


A Real-World Example Of The Power Of AI In Agriculture

During meetings with our partners in Singapore recently, the head of one practice reminded me that the world of agriculture and emerging technologies – such as the Internet of Things, machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, drone imagery, and geo-information systems – are made for each other. He argued that with vast hectares of land, lake, or sea under farm management, it is impossible to get an accurate view of your agribusiness without multiple data inputs from (say) inexpensive digital technology devices.

He further argued that in the engineering sector (think car factory) and consumer products industries (think Coca-Cola bottling plant), pretty much the entire plant is instrumented and information-system controlled to enable the most efficient operation, and this rich data stream allows employees and managers to make the best business decisions to maximize plant efficiency. The Agri equivalent would be to maximize yield.

To me, it is obvious that collecting many individual data points from your Agri operation into your digital core aids analysis of problems, speeds up decision making, and leads to a genuine benefit for your enterprise. But what role can machine learning and AI play in the Agri space? Read more

Is Artificial Intelligence the future of farming?

Unless you’ve been lucky enough to be stranded on a desert island for the past few years, you’re no doubt aware that the farming industry is on the cusp of a so-called ‘technological revolution’. The enabler of this revolution: Artificial Intelligence (AI).

With drones, robots and intelligent monitoring systems now successfully being used in research and field trials, artificial intelligence, or machine learning, is set to revolutionise the future of farming as the next phase of ‘ultra-precision’ agriculture is on the horizon.

But why is all this talk about AI necessary?..

According to the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), the global population is set to reach 9.2 billion by the year 2050. This means that the global agriculture sector is under more strain than ever with 2 billion more mouths to feed within the next 33 years! With available acreage estimated at just an additional 4%, it seems it is no longer an option to simply plant more crop fields or breed more cattle. What is needed, therefore, is a greater efficiency within current farming methods as farmers will be required to ‘do more with less’.

With experts predicting that artificial intelligence will provide the answer, we take a look at the ways AI is shaping the farms of the future… Read more

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