African Migrants Sever US Tourist’s Femoral Artery In Barcelona

African Migrants Sever US Tourist’s Femoral Artery In Barcelona

Spain is falling and if nothing is done, the outlook will worsen

Police stated that African migrant sellers who are known as “manteros” brutally attacked an American tourist at Plaza Catalunya in Barcelona, which just happens to be a popular tourist spot. If it’s so popular why weren’t these vagrants dispelled.  The poor American is now battling for his life.

The American was attacked for helping a woman

According to police sources, the tourist defended a woman who was being harassed by the Africans.

The American tourist was defending the woman who was being  harassed by the handlers.One of these impudent illegal migrants struck the tourist “with the buckle of a belt as a whip” and “cut off the femoral artery”, which caused him “a deep wound and arterial bleeding of unknown prognosis”.

The Barcelona City Council confirmed that there was a fight between an American tourist,  and African illegal street vendors.

From Efe Eugenio Zambrano

The femoral artery is a large artery in the thigh and the main arterial supply to the leg. Injuries to the femoral artery can lead to the victim bleeding out within minutes if untreated. If the victim survives, the injury requires reattachment surgery.

The incident that has left an American tourist fighting for his life in a Spanish hospital came shortly after Catalan police were attacked by dozens of migrants when they tried to carry out an operation against illegal streets sales in the Tarragona area. According to Voice of Europe, the vendors used all kinds of objects and chairs to attack the police officers.  Full Story


If spain does nothing to curb the illegal wave of immigration from third world nations like Africa, it will end up looking exactly like the nations these people are trying escape from. You can’t allow individuasl into a nation when they have no skills and nothing to contribute. Immigration can be a good thing provided that immigrants can conribute to the improvement of that nation and not to its demise

Get used to seeing scenes like this in Spain.

What kind of government with any rationality or sense would advocate such uncontrolled madness?

— Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) July 30, 2018

According to Breibart

“The Dutch government has suggested that some two-thirds of illegal migrants who reach them have not previously been registered — suggesting the true migration figures could be far higher than the IoM numbers suggest.”

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