List Of Experts That Were Wrong On Trump’s 4 Percent GDP Target

Trump's 4 Percent GDP Target

Trump’s 4 Percent GDP Target hit as Projected

All the experts stated that Trump’s projections of 4% GDP were ludicrous, well they are all eating their words now or at least they should be. However,  like bad carpenters, they refused to acknowledge the error of their ways and continue to find ways to state that this was a onetime development and unlikely to be repeated.  We have always stated that experts are on par with jackasses; all noise and no action.

But let’s have some and look at some of the so-called respected names that came out and mocked Trump:

 “If everything goes right-an absolutely unprecedented reversal of labor force participation trends and an unusual but not unprecedented burst of productivity growth — economic growth would average 3.2 percent a year over the next decade,” states Jason Furman in an op-ed for Vox  

Jason Furman was also used as a so-called credible source for this article; fat lot he achieved when he was working the Obama administration, whose sole function was to talk big and do nothing.

“If Trump thinks he can get more than 3% economic growth, he’s dreaming,” reads an LA Times headline from May, 2017.

Chief  Economist for President George Bush Edward Lazear follows in Furman’s footsteps.

In a sarcastic article titled  “How Trump Can Hit 3% Growth—Maybe” well what does this jackass have to say now. He will blame someone or something rather than fess up.

The Times cited Northwestern’s Robert J. Gordon, who wrote a book title

Robert Jordon came out with a book Titled  The Rise and Fall of American Growth, where he goes on to state the best years for the US have gone by.  He probably needs to come out with a new book titled “ I got it wrong and here’s why”

The Big Bond King; with a name like Bill Gross, one wonder’s why anyone listens to this nut.

Bill Gross goes on tell CNBC that  High rates of growth, and the productivity that drives it, are likely distant memories from a bygone era.” Bill it looks like it’s time for you to be put to pasture; it’s obvious that you have a no knack for investing.

Robert Brusca, senior economist at FAO Economics, a research firm, went to state that  “Donald Trump is dreaming.” And “No, pigs do not fly”. Well Robert it appears that rubbish does fly, time for you to publish a retraction  maybe?

CNN goes to claim that a “survey of 11 economists” illustrates that Trump is bonkers if they thinks America can ever achieve 4% GDP growth.  Here’s the kicker they never mentioned who these 11 geniuses were.

The list is endless, there were so many detractors when Trump came out and made the comments of achieving 4% GDP growth but now that the target has been hit, these penguins re hiding in the bushes.

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