Will Trump Be Welcome in Great Britain

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Editor: Vlad Rothstein | Tactical Investor

Will Trump Be Welcome in Great Britain

On Monday, Trump and his wife Melania had a private lunch with Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace. During the three-day visit, the President is set to attend discussions with British Prime Minister Theresa May, commemorating the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings, when 150,000 allied troops pushed German forces from France, and fly to Ireland to meet Prime Minister Leo Varadkar.

But wherever Trump goes over the next three days, he’ll almost certainly be met with heated protests. Anti-Trump demonstrations are set to take place in London and across the U.K. during the visit. Kate Hudson, Secretary-General of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), tells TIME she expects hundreds of thousands to gather from all around the country. “There’s very strong opposition to Trump in the U.K.,” she says. Full story

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