Walking Into Slavery

Walking Into Slavery

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Walking Into Slavery: Sahara

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Since the inception of mass media, the idea has been to stampede the crowd or create a feeling of euphoria and both conditions are deadly when it comes to investing. However, the new ploy is to keep the masses agitated constantly or uncertain. Why would they do this? When someone is uncertain it takes longer for them to cling to a given viewpoint; they keep jumping from one camp to another, and that is one of the reasons why this bull market has lasted so long.

A sharp pullback is still an outcome we view through a very bullish lens. The ideal setup calls for the Dow to trade to the 28,800 to 29,000 ranges, with a possible overshoot to 29,300. After that, a nice sharp pullback would set the bedrock for a surge to and possibly well past 30k.  Market Update Dec 29, 2019 Can Stress Kill You: Yes It Can & It Can Cause Chaos In Between

The difference between the trans-Saharan slave trade/transatlantic slave trade which was abolished more than 200 years ago and the present day slavery is that while those involved in the former were forcefully sold out because they were war victims having been captured and sold as spoils of war, but the modern day slavery especially the ones taking place through Libya to Europe is made up of people who willingly walked themselves into it out of greed or inordinate ambition to get rich quick.

Onuwa Sunday, 27 years old, an indigene of Edo State from Orhiomwon Local Government Area, had no problem with his physique. But today, his right ankle was amputated after he was hit by a rocket in a camp in Libya. Today, he limped on his left leg to the reception of the hotel where officials of the task force on human trafficking received him and others in a hall where they were profiled and documented.

Beauty Okoro, was among the 168 girls deported out of which 20 of them came back with pregnancy. Okoro said she traveled July 4th last year because her sponsor told her that within one week, she will be in Italy. But this turned out to be a ruse.

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The shocking tales of the returnees encapsulates suffering, prostitution, drugs, and slavery in Libya are endless as they recounted gruesome ordeal of how unlucky illegal migrants are sold into slavery and prostitution by their traffickers while others are killed in their attempt to cross the desert to Libya.

Walking Into Slavery: American South

Before the Civil War, nearly 4 million black slaves toiled in the American South. Modem scholars have assembled a great deal of evidence showing that few slaves accepted their lack of freedom or enjoyed life on the plantation. As one ex-slave put it, “No day dawns for the slave, nor is it looked for. It is all night — night forever.” For many, the long night of slavery only ended in death.

In 1841, a bounty hunter kidnapped Solomon Northup, a free black man from Saratoga, New York, on the pretext that he was a runaway slave from Georgia. When the bounty hunter sold him into slavery, Northup lost his family, his home, his freedom, and even his name.

Solomon Northup was taken to New Orleans, Louisiana, where he was put into a “slave pen” with other men, women, and children waiting to be sold. In “Twelve Years a Slave,” a narrative that Northup wrote after he regained his freedom, the citizen of New York described what it was like to be treated as human property: Full Story

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