VA Health Executives receive huge bonuses for stupidity & Theft

VA Health Executives receive huge bonuses for stupidity & Theft


First, we find out that the VA inspectors general office found that more than 307,000  veterans died waiting for medical care.

In what one would only expect from a backward hell hole, the  VA’s inspector general found that out of about

 There were more than 307,000 records that belonged to veterans who had died while waiting for their treatments to be approved. Imagine that, they sacrifice their lives to keep our corrupt government safe, and then when its time for them to get treatment, they are denied this and made to wait till they die.  Furthermore, it was noted that the VA staffers incorrectly (we generally doubt this, it was probably purposely done) marked unprocessed applications and deleted over 10,000 records in the past five years.In one what can only be described as a horrifying incident, a veteran was placed in  “pending” status for 14 years.   Full Story

If this is not enough to make your blood boil, then the idea that VA executives were paid $142 million in bonuses when they did nothing to deserve it and in most cases should have been fired will make your blood definitely boil.

Now to the two videos that show how executives after screwing up in every possible manner were given huge bonuses.  Normally one would have been fired for doing a job badly, but in the VA, you get a bonus for screwing up; the bigger the sscrew-up the bigger the bonus.

In this Video clip you will see numerous executives get paid for construction projects that went horribly wrong and in some cases, the price tag was over the budget by $1 billion.

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Janis Wohl

It is time to eliminate the caste system in America, starting with the military by writing in Chelsea Manning POTUS, the people’s Commander in Chief. If government employees paid Social Security and Medicare taxes like the rest of us then healthcare would become available to all equally and Veterans serving one term would have those taxes applied to their benefit amount when they retire. A uniform ranking system based on skill set would replace the caste officer or unofficer ranking system and upon honorable discharge would receive their passports and guns.