Monumental tragedy; 300000 Vets Die while waiting for Medical care

Monumental tragedy; 300000 Vets Die while waiting for Medical care
In what one would only expect from a backward hell hole, the  VA’s inspector general found that out of about
 there were more than 307,000 records that belonged to veterans who had died while waiting for their treatments to be approved. Imagine that, they sacrifice their lives to keep our corrupt government safe, and then when its time for them to get treatment, they are denied this and made to wait till they die.  Furthermore, it was noted that the VA staffers incorrectly (we generally doubt this, it was probably purposely done) marked unprocessed applications and deleted over 10,000 records in the past five years.
In one what can only be described as a horrifying incident, a veteran was placed in  “pending” status for 14 years. 

A program specialist at the VA Health Eligibility Center, Scott Davis, stated that thousands upon thousands, veterans had returned from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan and had not received any care because of being mistakenly places in the enrollment system’s backlog. As a result,  many of them have lost their 5-year eligibility for care due to the delays.

“People who fought, and who earned the right to VA health care, were never given VA health care,” Davis said. “They literally died while waiting for VA to process their health care application.

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