Tyrant Erdogan seizes six churches declaring them State Property


Tyrant Erdogan seizes six churches declaring them State Property

Little wannabe dictator Erdogan fresh from getting a beating off his life from Putin has decided once again to fight people that don’t fight back.  He is now targeting churches in his bid to radicalise the country and make it a hotbed for the next religious wars.  The weak yellow-bellied leaders in Europe, instead of throwing him out of NATO and threatening severe punishment kiss his ass and roll over like dogs offering billions in incentives to this madman to control the stem of refugees.   This guy will use this money to further radicalise the country and make sure that twice as many flood Europe.  The only way to deal with as snake is to chop its head off.

Turkey is in advanced talks with EU over visa-free travel for its 80 million citizens. what they should be doing is threatening to send all the radical Turks back to Turkey if Erdogan does not back down, then watch how fast this despot will come to heel.

Madman Erdogan gave the order to seize the churches was made on March 25 by Erdogan’s council of ministers, according to the website World Watch Monitor.


Ahmet Guvener, pastor of Diyarbakir Protestant Church, said: “The government didn’t take over these pieces of property in order to protect them. They did so to acquire them.”

Erdogan’s council of ministers responded by stating that taking control of the churches was not religiously motivated.  How you guys react if six mosques were seized in the West; there would be a furore and massive bouts of violence.  The media has programmed the masses to expect this; instead, there should be a massive uprising world wide in response to these criminal actions. The fact that the U.S is keeping silent about this speaks volumes and suggests  that obama is endorsing these vile actions.

Erdogan has already illustrated that he has lost his mind and more; he is not interested in democracy as he understands that in democracy someone like him will have a short life-span.  He has already taken over the opposition newspaper Zaman, which now basically does whatever Erdogan wants.

Erdogan has courted open controversy in recent months with the seizure of opposition newspaper Zaman, which has unsurprisingly since toed a sycophantic pro-government line.

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