Tyrant Erdogan seizes six churches

Tyrant Erdogan seizes six churches declaring them State Property

Erdogan’s Dangerous Agenda: Confronting the Threat of Radicalization

In the face of Erdogan’s escalating actions and the potential consequences for regional stability, it is crucial to acknowledge the gravity of the situation. His recent confrontation with Putin and subsequent targeting of churches reveal a disturbing trend towards radicalization within Turkey. Instead of firmly opposing his actions, European leaders have displayed a disappointing lack of resolve, offering incentives and turning a blind eye to his destructive behaviour.

By appeasing Erdogan and providing financial support, Europe inadvertently fuels his agenda of radicalization and increases the risk of an influx of refugees. It is high time for decisive action to be taken against this growing threat. European leaders must assert their authority and demonstrate a unified front by expelling Turkey from NATO and implementing severe consequences.

European Leaders Viewed As To Weak To Challenge Erdogan

In addition to addressing the immediate concerns, the negotiations for visa-free travel should be reconsidered. Rather than rewarding Turkey, a more assertive stance should be taken. Threatening to repatriate radicalized Turks back to their home country would serve as a powerful deterrent and force Erdogan to reconsider his actions. Only by firmly confronting this tyrant can we hope to bring an end to the turmoil he is sowing.

The path to stability lies in the courage to confront and dismantle the dangerous influence of Erdogan. It is imperative to cut off the head of this snake before its venom spreads further. The time for complacency is over, and resolute action is required to safeguard the future and prevent the escalation of religious conflicts.

Turkeys Erdogan gave the order to seize the churches

Ahmet Guvener, the pastor of Diyarbakir Protestant Church, said: “The government didn’t take over these pieces of property to protect them. They did so to acquire them.”

Erdogan’s council of ministers responded that taking control of the churches was not religiously motivated.  How you guys react if six mosques were seized in the West; there would be a furore and massive bouts of violence.  The media has programmed the masses to expect this; instead, there should be a massive uprising worldwide in response to these criminal actions. The fact that the U.S is keeping silent about this speaks volumes and suggests that Obama is endorsing these vile actions.

Erdogan has already illustrated that he has lost his mind and more; he is not interested in democracy as he understands that in democracy, someone like him will have a short lifespan.  He has already taken over the opposition newspaper Zaman, which does whatever Erdogan wants.

Erdogan has courted open controversy in recent months with the seizure of the opposition newspaper Zaman, which has unsurprisingly since toed a sycophantic pro-government line.


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