Trump Shouldn’t Conduct More Conferences Until Media Shape Up

Trump Shouldn't Conduct More Conferences Until Media Shape Up

Trump Shouldn’t Conduct More Conferences

President Donald Trump attacked NBC News and CNN reporters on Friday in the UK during a rare press conference with American and British reporters.

After NBC News’ Kristen Welker asked Trump whether he was “giving Russian President Vladimir Putin the upper hand” by publicly criticizing UK Prime Minister Theresa May, Trump responded by calling Welker “dishonest” and accused NBC of being “possibly worse than CNN.” Trump criticized May’s Brexit plan in an interview with the British newspaper The Sun published Thursday, but on Friday he called that report “fake news.”

A few minutes later, the CNN reporter Jim Acosta asked the president for a question “since you attacked CNN.” Trump responded to that by asserting that “CNN is fake news” and refused to call on Acosta.

“I don’t take questions from CNN,” he said, as he scanned the assembled reporters to select one for the next question. “John Roberts of Fox. Let’s go to a real network.”

Trump Shouldn’t Conduct More Conferences

Some journalists argued that they went out of their way to defend Fox News when the right-leaning network faced pushback from President Barack Obama’s White House. Reporters said they hoped Fox News would return the favour under a Republican administration.

“There was a period when the Obama press shop iced Fox in briefings,” tweeted Mike Memoli, a political reporter at NBC News. “The rest of the press corps backed them up in the interest of free press and 1st Amendment. It’d be great to see them return the professional courtesy.” Full Story

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