Turbo-charge Your Returns: options investing for beginners

Turbo-charge Your Returns: options investing for beginners

Unlocking the Potential: Options Investing for Beginners

Updated May 30, 2023


In the quest to maximise investment returns while mitigating risk, selling options, specifically covered calls, holds immense potential. By harnessing this approach, you can significantly boost your returns without exposing yourself to additional risk. Contrary to popular belief, selling options is just as secure as buying stocks and, in our opinion, offers a substantially higher rate of return. Moreover, this strategy presents an opportunity to enhance the dividend income generated by your stock holdings. By utilising covered calls, you can increase the yield on your stocks while employing limit orders to get paid for patiently awaiting their execution. This article delves into the power of covered calls and sheds light on how you can turbocharge your returns through this practical and low-risk strategy. Additionally, we will explore the benefits of selling puts, another lucrative avenue to generate income and capitalise on market opportunities.

The Potential of Covered Calls:

Selling options, particularly covered calls, empowers investors to leverage their stock holdings and extract additional value. By selling call options against stocks you own, you can earn premiums upfront, augmenting your overall returns. This income-generating strategy allows you to capitalise on the time decay and volatility contraction inherent in options pricing. With proper risk management and selection of strike prices, covered calls can generate consistent income streams while potentially reducing the effective purchase price of your stocks. This powerful strategy enables you to participate in the market actively and potentially outperform traditional buy-and-hold approaches.

Enhancing Dividend Income:

One of the remarkable benefits of employing covered calls is the ability to increase the dividend income generated by your stock portfolio. By selling call options against your stocks, you receive premiums as compensation for temporarily granting someone else the right to buy your shares at a predetermined price. This strategy allows you to extract additional income on top of the regular dividends received from the underlying stocks, effectively turbocharging your dividend yield. By strategically selecting strike prices and expiration dates, you can maximise your income potential while retaining ownership of your stocks.

Options Investing for Beginners: Unlocking Opportunities with Limit Orders:

Selling covered calls also allows you to utilise limit orders and get paid for waiting. When you sell a covered call, you can set a specific price at which you are willing to sell your shares if the options are exercised. By placing limit orders, you can potentially sell your shares at a higher price, earning a profit. If the limit order is not filled, you still receive the premium for providing the option, effectively getting paid to wait. This aspect of covered calls allows you to be patient while potentially earning income during periods of price consolidation or market uncertainty.

Exploring the Potential of Selling Puts:

In addition to covered calls, selling puts is another low-risk strategy that can generate income and create opportunities in the market. By selling put options, you agree to buy the underlying stock at a specific price (the strike price) within a defined time frame. If the stock remains above the strike price until expiration, you keep the premium collected for selling the put option. This strategy allows you to acquire stocks at a discount or generate income by repeatedly selling puts on stocks you desire to own.


In conclusion, options investing for beginners presents a compelling opportunity to unlock the potential of your investments. By utilizing strategies such as covered calls and selling puts, investors can maximize returns while managing risk effectively. Covered calls enable you to leverage your stock holdings, generating additional income through upfront premiums and enhancing your dividend yield. Moreover, by employing limit orders, you can earn income while patiently waiting for the options to be exercised, providing a practical and low-risk approach.

Additionally, selling puts offers a valuable avenue to generate income and acquire stocks at a discount. As a beginner in options investing, embracing these strategies can help you capitalize on market opportunities and outperform traditional buy-and-hold approaches. So don’t hesitate to explore the world of options investing for beginners and unleash the power of these strategies to boost your returns and manage risk effectively.

This article was initially composed on the 12th of August 2015 and underwent revisions in May 2023.

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