Most Comprehensive list of Free Trading & Financial Resources
Free Trading Resources

Free Trading Resources

Free Trading Resources

Comprehensive List of Trading Resources

We have listed a plethora of online trading resources below and yes they are all free.  These trading resources will provide both the seasoned and novice investors with information to help you in your quest in becoming a better trader/investor.

One should attempt to understand the basics of technical analysis and market sentiment tools, as both these tools could greatly improve your odds of success in the markets.   When it comes to trading its the calm and informed investor that always catches the worm as opposed to the bullet. Pay also to the psychology of the masses as it provides valuable data in terms of gauging whether a market is close to putting in a top or a bottom.

Technical analysis is an art and not a science, as many would have you believe. Thus, if you just memorise techniques written in books you will have understood only one aspect of Technical Analysis; you will learn the meaning of the tools based on someone else’s definition of what it is supposed to do and what it is not supposed to do.

No one person can tell you exactly how all the tools work, granted some individuals have invented specific tools and hence are authorities on that specific tool but they are not authorities on every Technical Analysis tool out there. Even the TA tools they have invented can be adjusted to suit your trading or investing requirements; the settings in all TA tools should be adjusted and tweaked till you find one that you can work well with.

These Trading Resources Are Just the Start

The best method when it comes to Technical Analysis is to use a combo of TA tools 1-5, this way you are not relying on one indicator alone; as the saying goes practice makes perfect so keep at it. Over time, looking a the technical pattern of a stock will become second nature.

We hope you find the list of free trading resources we have compiled to be of use

Sentiment and Option Tools

Trim Tabs Flow of Funds

Put Call Ratio

NYSE Breadth

Bullish percentage Index 

Introduction to Options 

Free Option quotes 

Economic news 

Federal Reserve Board News

Economic News & Charts

Dept of Labour News



Stock Screeners

Stock Consultant

Yahoo Stock Screener


Incredible Charts

Chart Patterns


Sector Strength & Earnings Calendar 


Yahoo Earnings Calendar



Commodities & Currency Data

Currency & Metal Charts

Incredible Charts Software

Big Charts (Online Charting)

More Charts

INO: Stock and Futures Charts

Charting Software 

Free Charting Program

Stock Analyzer


Portfolio Trackers 

Free Portfolio Tracker from Google 

Zack’s Portfolio Tracker


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