Trump’s chaos theory of government


Editor: Johnathan Meyers | Tactical Investor

Is Trump’s Chaos Theory of Government?

In the weeks since Donald Trump’s inauguration as President of the United States, it has become clear that he intends to roll back the progressive-egalitarian agenda that is commonly associated with “political correctness” to the starting block

In conventional geostrategic terms, the EU is almost a costless extension of US political and military power. Owing to NATO’s significant military superiority, and the EU’s role as a barrier to Russian expansion, the US can avoid becoming entangled in a “hot war” with Russia. Meanwhile, the EU – together with Japan – is a dependable economic and military ally, whose friendship allows the US to speak for the “international community.”

There are no circumstances in which dismantling the Western international order is in America’s national interest – even when perceived through a nationalist lens. A truly “America first” administration would rightly expect its allies to pull their weight within NATO, and to defer to US foreign policies on non-European issues. But it would never gratuitously dismantle an essentially free multiplier of US power, as Trump’s foreign policy threatens to do.

Domestically, Americans should be prepared to watch the administration dismiss officials who do not defend its agenda, and disregard court orders that inhibit its actions. In fact, we have already seen early signs of this when complaints emerged that immigration agents in New York were ignoring a federal judge’s emergency stay on Trump’s travel ban Full Story

Obama Blasts Trump’s Chaos Theory Of Government

Obama, ever the cautious operator, has remained quiet—even in private, per a New York magazine report, he rarely mentions the president by name. Instead, he’s chosen to offer limited support to potential Democrat 2020 candidates and urged Democratic donors to work on getting out the vote. And in addition to these behind-the-scenes efforts, he appears in public every few months to warn the world of a highly specific form of authoritarianism, though he’s never quite zeroed in on its purveyor.

“You have to believe in facts. Without facts, there is no basis for cooperation,” he added. “Unfortunately, too much of politics today seems to reject the very concept of objective truth. People just make stuff up.”

Ever the professor, Obama then stated that the Western world had historically fallen prey to the same impulses thanks to growing wealth inequality, the 2008 financial crisis, and populist movements taking root in America and Europe, “which, by the way, are often cynically funded by right-wing billionaires intent on reducing government constraints on their business interests,” he noted. And just as the rest of the world was grappling with the fallout from the president’s disastrous press conference in Helsinki, he warned of a wave that sounded a whole lot like Trumpism:  Full Story

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