Trump Rebuffs Notion He Can’t Assemble Top Legal Team

Trump Rebuffs Notion He Can't Assemble Top Legal Team

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One of the main reasons we cover such a broad range of topics is because the masses are being systematically brainwashed to see what they are being directed to see. You can only solve the problem if you understand the problem; if you do not, you will either never solve it or continue trending on the path of stupidity forever. To become a good investor, you need to see the full picture and not the snippets that the mass media conveniently and almost gleefully is willing to provide.  Mass psychology states that it is imperative to acknowledge the forest while looking at the tree. In other words, emotions drive the markets, and you need to focus on what emotions Mass Media is trying to stir up to spot the next significant trend. With that in mind, we think you might find the following article to of interest:

Despite the heavy beating Bitcoin has taken, the sentiment has not turned bearish, and there are still have too many articles being published on a weekly basis claiming that Bitcoin is going to surge to 100K and beyond.Do these experts ever bother to look at the charts before issuing such targets or do they do so after ingesting some toxic substance? We will never know the answer to that question, but what we do know is that in most cases they have no idea of how high or low the market is going to go.  Is the Bitcoin Bull Market dead or just taking a breather?

Trump Rebuffs Notion He Can’t Assemble Top Legal Team; sounds more like mass media lies

“Many lawyers and top law firms want to represent me in the Russia case,” Trump said in a Twitter remark. “Don’t believe the Fake News narrative that it is hard to find a lawyer who wants to take this on. Fame & fortune will NEVER be turned down by a lawyer, though some are conflicted. Problem is that a new lawyer or law firm will take months to get up to speed (if for no other reason than they can bill more), which is unfair to our great country — and I am very happy with my existing team.

“Besides, there was NO COLLUSION with Russia, except by Crooked Hillary and the Dems!” Trump added, employing his favorite epithet for the Democratic challenger he defeated, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been investigating the Trump campaign for months. He indicted 13 Russians on charges of carrying out an online campaign to sow discord in American democracy, while securing guilty pleas from two Trump aides, former national security adviser Michael Flynn and foreign affairs adviser George Papadopoulos, for lying to federal investigators about their contacts with Russian officials.

Mueller’s office and Trump’s defense attorneys have been negotiating over terms of possible testimony by Trump about his actions linked to Russia and the ensuing investigation. Trump says he wants to do the interview, but no agreement on his questioning has been reached. Full Story

USA today readers state Trump Investigation is waste of Money

— Larry Gilbert

Two grand juries based on location, very interesting. I think the extremely unpopular sitting president is going to wish he never took office.

— Stephanie S. Mullen Fudge

Nothing but the Washington establishment (Republicans and Democrats) getting opposition research on Trump before the 2020 election. They don’t understand how mad Americans are with the lot of them.

— Stephen Thomas

It’s unfortunate that the taxpayer has to pay for this boondoggle.

— Robert Louis Rasmussen

Grand juries can go on for years? Trump is right. This is a witch hunt! Where is the grand jury for Hillary Clinton?

— Sal Maggiore

Most of us actual patriots would like to know what a foreign country did in our election. We don’t believe the lies from this administration.

Trump supporters accept alternative facts, the majority of Americans don’t. This administration has no credibility. So yes, please, shine the light on these roaches, Mueller. Americans want the truth.

— Mike Bigalow

Mueller should foot the bill for ripping off American taxpayers with this ridiculous investigation.

— Tom Sfer

People only see what they want to see. That’s the purpose of the special counsel, to see what happened and who did it.

Trump may have clean hands, Trump may not. Someone might have very dirty hands, and I just want to know who. I don’t think anyone wants or hopes our president is dirty, but that may very well be the case. We’ll see.

— Jim Marra Jr.   Full Story

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