Trump Meltdown: The Establishment’s Attack on a Political Outsider

Trump meltdown

Trump Meltdown: A case Study of Modern Hysteria

March 24, 2023

In American politics, no candidate had faced as much opposition from the establishment as Donald Trump did when he was elected as the 45th President of the United States. From the moment he announced his candidacy, the press, the political elites, and even members of his own party worked to discredit him and undermine his campaign. This intense opposition continued throughout his presidency, leading to what is now known as the Trump Meltdown Syndrome.

The media played a significant role in creating this syndrome. They manipulated facts, misquoted Trump, and twisted his words to create sensational headlines that portrayed him as a racist, sexist, and unfit for office. The press also engaged in voter suppression by downplaying Trump’s support and making it seem like he had no chance of winning the election. However, Trump’s packed rallies showed this was far from the truth.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, the contrast between Trump and his opponent, Hillary Clinton rallies, was striking. While Trump’s rallies were packed with enthusiastic supporters, Clinton’s rallies were sparsely attended and lacked energy. In some instances, the media had to use camera tricks to make the venue appear full. This manipulation of images and footage further added to the Trump Meltdown Syndrome.

The Media’s Role in Fueling the Trump Meltdown Syndrome

The media also used the sexual assault allegations against Trump to discredit him. However, despite the allegations, Trump still enjoyed significant support, especially from women. The fact that many women supported Trump showed that the media’s attempt to paint him as a misogynist was flawed. On the other hand, most of Hillary’s female supporters were left-leaning liberalists who had no real understanding of freedom.

The establishment’s fear of Trump was not just limited to the media. Members of both parties in Congress worked to undermine his presidency by obstructing his agenda and initiating investigations. The Deep State also played a role in the Trump Meltdown Syndrome by leaking confidential information and undermining his administration.

The Establishment’s Fear of a Political Outsider

The Trump Meltdown Syndrome reached its peak during the 2020 presidential election. The establishment, including the media and the political elites, worked to discredit Trump’s election fraud claims and silence anyone who dared to support him. Social media platforms censored anyone questioning the election results, further fueling the Trump Meltdown Syndrome.

In conclusion, the Trump Meltdown Syndrome was the establishment’s attack on a political outsider who challenged the status quo. The media’s manipulation of facts, images, and footage and the political elites’ fear of Trump created a toxic environment that fueled the Trump Meltdown Syndrome. However, despite the establishment’s efforts, Trump still managed to garner significant support, and his presidency will go down in history as a unique and controversial moment in American politics.

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