Guy ate super hot pepper doctors thought he was having an aneurysm

Guy ate super hot pepper doctors thought he was having an aneurysm

Guy ate super hot pepper

The case study is possibly the first ever to link the oh-lord-is-my-head-going-to-explode kind of pain known as a thunderclap headache to eating a pepper. This man apparently ate a Carolina Reaper—the hottest chilli in the world at 2.2 million Scoville units—then developed intense pain in his neck, at the back of his head, and behind the eyes. He also dry heaved. That’s all probably to be expected when you enter a pepper-eating contest, but what’s unexpected is for that pain to come on suddenly several times in the next few days. He experienced a bout of what doctors call thunderclap headaches; they come on suddenly, causing excruciating pain that peaks within a minute or so. They basically make you feel like you’re dying, and sometimes they’re an indicator that you are.

His headaches were so agonizing that he went to the emergency room—and honestly, wouldn’t we all? This is the kind of pain that actually could be a sign of a serious problem with your brain. The physicians writing in BMJ Case Reports note that they had to rule out an aneurysm before making the spicy diagnosis.

Many other people have reported a wide range of deeply unpleasant symptoms following pepper consumption, none of which seem worth it just to say you’ve eaten a super-hot pepper. One writer for Bon Appetit ate three Carolina Reapers in 21.85 seconds and spent the next 14 hours in agony as his digestive system enacted its vengence. Another reporter, this time from a British newspaper, ate a burger with sauce hotter than pepper spray and promptly lost the feeling in his hands, had severe stomach pain, and started hyperventilating. Then he went to the hospital. Full Story


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