Seizing Dominance: The Relentless Rise of Mental Warfare

Mastering the Art of Mental Warfare: Strategies for Psychological Dominance

Mastering the Art of Mental Warfare: Strategies for Mental Manipulation

Updated Aug 2023

The true essence of power often remains concealed, operating behind the scenes. In addition, there is an ongoing psychological experiment taking place. As we have consistently emphasized, America serves as the testing ground for operations rooted in psychological and chemical warfare. Chemically, toxins are discreetly introduced into the food and water supply, while psychologically, the aim is to gauge the extent to which individuals can be manipulated and controlled.

The current objective revolves around determining whether the masses can be induced to embrace ideas that might seem irrational to a rational person. The preliminary results, under our assessments, indicate remarkable success in this endeavour. When an individual or entity experiences the intoxicating allure of raw power, they seldom retreat; instead, they thirst for even more significant influence.

Consequently, the prospects for the United States do not appear promising. Why allow natural economic forces to rectify the excesses that the system has engendered when an equivalent outcome can be engineered by conjuring money seemingly out of thin air? Undoubtedly, this approach will entail suffering for the populace, fail to generate genuine employment opportunities and yield economic growth that is essentially illusory in nature. Ultimately, only the wealthiest will accrue further riches, as long as the masses do not rise up in protest.

In this narrative, the concept of “Mental Warfare” subtly underscores the psychological aspect of these operations without disrupting the flow of the text.


Unveiling the Undercurrents of Mental Warfare: Deceptive Realities in Europe and the USA

This cunning strategy, often hidden in plain sight, has yielded astounding success in both Europe and the USA. In Europe, a palpable discontent festers as the native population perceives itself under siege from Muslim immigrants. However, this surface tension serves as a diversion, obscuring the deeper truth: European governments deliberately cultivated this environment. The genuine narrative lies in Europe’s dwindling birth rates and the unsustainable enormity of their welfare programs, designed to support the indigenous population. To divert attention from this, chaos must be sown, prompting the populace to forget the underlying reality.

Herein lies the subtle art of “Mental Warfare.” A catalyst is needed to justify the expansion of the money supply and the undermining of the currency’s stability. How is this achieved? A manufactured crisis is orchestrated, ostensibly requiring substantial financial resources. Yet, instead of allocating the necessary $100 billion, an extravagant $1 trillion is earmarked, with a significant portion channelled into initiatives that further enrich the affluent elite. This deceptive scheme, which has endured for generations, thrives because the masses remain oblivious.

In Europe, the impending religious conflicts were meticulously premeditated, and the public bought into the orchestrated narrative. Conversely, in the USA, the strategy follows a distinct course. Here, the populace is led to believe that they are spreading democracy across the globe, while the reality might be closer to a quasi-police state. Fictitious conflicts are manufactured, where the pretext is removing dictators and stabilizing regions. Regrettably, our track record in this endeavour is a resounding failure, but it has nonetheless contributed to the enrichment of the wealthy elite while impoverishing the less fortunate.

One would expect this pattern to cease, yet we find ourselves entangled in endeavours such as the quest to “liberate” Syria. This perpetual cycle incurs exorbitant costs, and upon closer scrutiny, it becomes evident that certain corporations profit handsomely from these exploits.

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Navigating the Age of Money: The Unveiling of Unscrupulous Realities

Long ago, we proclaimed the dawning of the “Age of Money,” a period in which the moral compass of the majority would no longer deter them from any deed. No matter how immoral or nefarious, the sole determinant of their actions would be the number of zeros punctuating the offer. Everything is now up for sale in this era, provided the price is right. Regrettably, this trajectory shows no signs of abating; nothing impedes its relentless advance. The prevailing trend continues to gain momentum, inching ever closer to an inevitable climax, though we have not yet reached that precipice. Hence, brace yourself for the unexpected, for in this age, everything is a commodity.

In this narrative, the term “Mental Warfare” subtly emphasizes the psychological aspect of this transformation without disrupting the text’s flow.

One can anticipate the burgeoning of markets for body parts, the proliferation of legalized prostitution (a category into which some modern marriages seem to fall), and the emergence of unconventional marital arrangements, such as leasing before buying or leasing with the option to terminate. Additionally, the unsettling prospect arises of nations renting out their military might to the highest bidder, while hackers, poised as the new deities, wreak havoc upon government networks. Notably, a new breed of hackers is emerging, blending seamlessly into mainstream society, far removed from the conventional image of the stereotypical nerd.

Perhaps the most jarring revelation, although we cannot pinpoint its exact timing, lies in the impending collapse of religions worldwide. This upheaval will be catalyzed by several corporations releasing technologies capable of significantly extending the human lifespan, ushering humanity closer to the threshold of immortality. Witness, then, the ensuing chaos as those who feigned religious fervour shed their veneers, allowing their unbridled and primal instincts to surface. Notably, companies possess life-altering technologies, yet they withhold their release, hinting at even more profound transformations on the horizon.


In conclusion, we find ourselves navigating the uncharted waters of the “Age of Money,” where the allure of zeros on a check has become the primary moral compass for many. This era knows no boundaries; it offers anything and everything for sale, contingent upon the price tag. The relentless march of this trend shows no signs of abating, and we have yet to reach its climax.

Throughout this transformative journey, the subtle undercurrent of “Mental Warfare” has shaped the way we perceive and react to these societal shifts. It underscores the psychological dimension of this transformation, illuminating how our minds are influenced and manipulated in this ever-evolving landscape.

We witness the commodification of body parts, the legitimization of prostitution through modern marriages, and the emergence of unconventional marital contracts, all symbolic of the limitless nature of this age. Nations even consider renting their military prowess to the highest bidder, while hackers rise as the new deities, exerting their power on the digital battlefield.

Yet, the most profound revelation looms on the horizon—the inevitable collapse of religions worldwide, triggered by the release of life-extending technologies. As humanity inches closer to immortality, the veneer of religious piety will shatter, unveiling our primal instincts.

In this intricate dance of power, deception, and transformation, “Mental Warfare” remains the silent orchestrator, subtly shaping our perceptions, decisions, and reactions. It underscores that in this age, defined by the relentless pursuit of wealth and power, our minds are the battleground, and the strategies of psychological manipulation continue to evolve, moulding the world in ways we may not fully comprehend.

Originally published on April 6, 2016, this article has been consistently updated over the years, with the most recent update completed in August 2023.

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