The Real News: Revealing the Story Behind, No BS

Real News

Real News without Propaganda

Today, we live in a World where most of the news we receive is not about what is happening in the world but more about what sells. In other words, sensationalism and lies are sexy, so that is the theme. Make it dramatic, even if it means altering the real story. If it sells, everything is on the table, even outright lies. Hence, our decision to start the real news section. The government and large corporations have decided to join forces to control the masses. They know that by controlling the narrative, they can control public opinion and push their agendas.

However, we believe people deserve access to factual, unbiased information to form their opinions. In an age of “alternative facts” and “post-truth,” finding the real story behind the headlines has become increasingly difficult. That is why we have created this section – to cut through the propaganda and get to the heart of what is happening daily. As we embrace the concept of mass psychology, contrarian investing and technical analysis,  our focus will be on reinterpreting the data using these themes to provide honest, unfiltered news. Our goal is truth and transparency so you can separate fact from fiction and make up your mind.

Real News: Every Disaster as Hidden Opportunity

Most see disasters only as tragic events to be avoided. However, for those observant enough, every crisis presents undisclosed opportunities. While the masses react in fear or panic, the wise see beyond surface turmoil to the underlying shifts soon to come.

Every upheaval, whether natural or man-made, creates winners and losers. As old structures crumble, new foundations are laid. Those prepared to navigate changing tides can strategically position themselves to benefit. While others lament losses, the informed spot openings fill vacant spaces in the market.

It requires vision to perceive each disruption as a chance to gain an advantage. Not through callous profiteering off others’ misfortune, but by understanding reordering is part of nature’s cycle. One era ends as the next begins, and those aligned with the flow are carried forward. Wealth, power and influence are never static – they are fluid, circulating among individuals, organizations and nations based on adapting to disruption rather than resisting it.

By maintaining awareness of subsurface motions set in motion by turmoil, one can emerge more assertive on the other side of difficulty. Real news seeks not to deny this reality but to illuminate opportunities arising from inevitable shifts, aiding readers’ preparation for prospering through change.


If we all knew everything, then life would indeed be meaningless for it is the mistakes we make and the lessons we learn that give our life meaning and value. -Sol Palha

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