Stupid Things People Do to garner attention?Not To Mention Crazy

Stupid Things People Do

Stupid Things People Do for Attention

We will take a break, diverge from our usual theme, and look at the crazy things people will do for free and for money. Which begs the question: why do people do these things? Some do it for fame, some do it for fun, and some do it for money.   Psychologists indicate that most people will do something to garner attention and that money and any other benefits the acts might confer are secondary. After watching these videos, you decide why these people do the crazy things they do.

This article from the Guardian might shed some light on this topic.

High IQ scores do not necessarily equate to overall intelligence. IQ tests primarily measure analytical intelligence, focusing on pattern recognition and problem-solving. However, they often overlook two other essential aspects of human intelligence: creative and practical intelligence. Creative intelligence involves navigating unfamiliar situations, while practical intelligence is about getting things done effectively. Unfortunately, our education system and society prioritize analytical intelligence during the formative years, leading to a lack of emphasis on creativity and practical skills.

Interestingly, many intelligent individuals frequently rely on mental shortcuts, one of the most powerful being the self-serving bias. This bias causes us to believe that we are better than others. For instance, if you were to ask a class of students whether they are more intelligent than the class average, most hands would likely shoot up. Even individuals who are objectively poor in a particular skill tend to overestimate their abilities. This tendency to believe we are above average persists despite contradictory evidence. We selectively gather information confirming our self-perception while dismissing anything challenging. This inclination allows us to feel competent but may lead us to overlook crucial facts and disregard the intelligence of others.

In conclusion, IQ tests have their limitations in assessing intelligence comprehensively. Recognizing the significance of creativity and practical intelligence alongside analytical abilities is crucial for a well-rounded understanding of intelligence. By acknowledging our inherent biases and valuing diverse forms of intelligence, we can foster a more balanced and inclusive society.. The Guardian


 More Stupid  things people do to Attract Attention

We think a lot of people do crazy things because they are seeking some form of attention, and so doing deeds that can appear to be insane might be the only way they can get the level of attention and possibly admiration they crave for. However, there are always exceptions to the rules, and some people are just naturally born showmen, and for them doing these things is as mundane as making a sandwich.  Share your thoughts below

People who risked their lives to do insane things

This is a bit over the top; it’s one thing to have talents, as some have in the videos above, but to risk your life to do something crazy is just insane. People love to do stupid things to get five minutes of publicity. They fail to understand that after those five minutes have elapsed, they are just as irrelevant, if not even more irrelevant, than the event that helped make them relevant.

This video is probably the most insane out of the lot

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