Stock Portfolio Tracker with Analytics 


Stock Portfolio Tracker with Analytics 

Stock Portfolio Tracker with Analytics

Some of the main features of the Stock Portfolio Tracker are listed below. We are working with the developer to improve certain features and address some shortfalls. However, we are offerring the product at a very low price and will not increase this price if new features are added.  The software, for now, focuses only on Major US stock exchanges. 

A user can create as many stock portfolios as they like and as many transactions, as they want for each portfolio

Real-time data is used to determine the value of the portfolio and this data is recalibrated every 10 minutes.

Here are some of the visualisations and advanced metrics are available to the end-user:  maximum drawn down, Profit/loss, volatility charts reflecting historical performance, and many other features.   The user manual provided various visualisations of all the features available

We are offerring two subscription models.  A yearly subscription for 15 or a three-year subscription for 35 dollars.


1 Year Subscription at 15 A year



3-year subscription Limited Special off for $35.00




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