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*S.Analysis= Sentiment Analysis

The Trend is your friend

Please do not share this link as this offer is only being made to a select few Individuals. If you have received this offer it means that someone at the Tactical Investor has specially hand selected you to receive this offer.  To ensure that only invited Individuals have access to this offer we check our databases to make sure you are on this list if you subscribe.  Therefore if you share it with someone who is not on the list, the subscription will be cancelled and the funds will be returned. Please choose from the two specials listed below.

According to USNews, Americans pay an average of $2.70 for a cup of decent coffee and as much as $3.94 for a cup of Mocha.   On yearly basis, Americans are spending as much as $1200 on coffee, which works out to $3.28 per day.  More Americans drink coffee than have money invested in the stock market. Another recent study concluded that Americans increased the amount they put on their Starbucks cards by 92%; in 2014 they added $612 Million and in 2015 this figure surged to $1.2 billion. In the same period, the contributions to IRA’s only increased by 4%.

You now have the option to subscribe to the Market Update service for a fraction of the amount of money individuals spend on a cup of every day. Furthermore, this is the lowest rate that has ever been offered to date.



6-month Subscription

The normal rate for a 6-month subscription is $270, but now you can avail yourself to the same subscription for significant savings. Instead of paying $45 a month the rate has been discounted by an additional five dollars to $40 a month.


12-month subscription

A 12-month subscription drops the cost to $1.15 a day and saves you 30% of the normal subscription rate.  The monthly cost drops from $50 to $35 a month and will remain effective forever. In addition, we are offering a 30 day trial for 19.99 which drops the monthly rate down to just 33.84.






Important notice 

If you cancel the subscription before its termination date,  the monthly subscription rate will change as follows:

  • The 6-month subscription will be billed at $50 a month
  • The 12-month subscription will be billed at $45 a month

Any left over balance will be refunded after the above costs are factored in.  The discount applies only if the subscription is in effect through the stated period.

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