Sharia hits Britain; Polygamous Muslim men receive extra Welfare cheques

Sharia hits Britain; Polygamous Muslim men receive extra Welfare cheques

[color-box color=”orange”]This video illustrates how U.K Muslim migrants with more than one wife will get more welfare checks. Is this fair to local Brits? Why are they being forced to follow the rules of a religion they do not ascribe to? If the person has a second wife, he should have to choose one or be forced to survive on one check.  It appears that politicians are looking to buy votes in the future by securing a base that stays subservient to them? The best way to achieve this is to get them hooked onto benefit the moment they step into the country.  This is going to create immense resentment and lead to massive religious war. The seeds of extreme violence are being sown now. [/color-box]


The second video shows you how wild and unruly the Muslim refugees are and how they listen more to their Imam. Strict rules need to be enforced, and a very stringent filtration process implemented that disqualifies all Low IQ and radical individuals.


Tough Love is needed

One cannot help every single person and this quote from a recent article in the Telegraph by a mother sum it up best

But never have phrases such as “tough love” or “cruel to be kind” been apter.

Take 3,000 from the jungle and 3,000 more will arrive within days. Then another 3,000 will arrive days after that. How many will die on the journey? How many will be terrified, starved, subjected to life-threatening diseases and horribly abused on the way to France? How many of the older kids will be exposed to hard drugs while they’re in the camp, which appears to be run by louts at best and hardened criminals at worst? The fact is, the more we take in, the more children will be abandoned to the cruel sea and the even crueller people traffickers. Is this really what we want?

 Looking after our own children can be a challenging enough job for most of us. Looking after a child who can’t speak English is utterly traumatised, and believes that their parents have abandoned them takes very special skills. Too few people in this country have those skills for Jeremy Corbyn and others to be making sweeping gestures. Being closest to Calais, Kent County Council is at the sharp end of the refugee crisis. In 2014, the council had 238 refugee children in the care of social services. By the end of last year, that number had shot up to over 900, and Kent was facing a £6.5 million shortfall in funding. The council is now looking after 1,382 refugee children. It’s all very well Corbyn calling for action: will he take responsibility when Kent social services are so over-stretched and under-funded that another case reminiscent of Baby P or Victoria Climbie slips under the professionals’ radar? Or will he make political capital out of their failures? Full Story

 Outcome of uncontrolled immigration

Rents will rise and so will the cost of homes as more and more people compete for the same resources. The government will not be able to build affordable housing units fast enough and in some countries like Britain, the Government has been behind schedule for a long time. All this sets up the perfect ingredients for slums and or overcrowding, which then sets the perfect backdrop as a breeding ground for violence and drugs.

Regarding the market, it means that the governments will create as much money out of thin air as needed to not only support the economy and surge in social services they will have to provide to the newly arrived immigrants. The favourite trick regarding the economy is to prop the markets, to create the illusion that the economy is doing well. This method is being actively employed in the U.S; our economy is actually in tatters, but the propping up of the stock market with hot money creates the illusion that all is well. This trick serves to make the rich even richer, drives the Middle Class into the Doghouse, and pushes the poor into the grave at a young age.

[color-box color=”orange”]As long as the trend is up, strong market pullbacks need to be viewed as buying opportunities. [/color-box]

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