Russia’s Syrian War Success Generates Large Orders from International Buyers

Russia’s Syrian War Success Generates Large Orders from International Buyers

Russia’s T.90 tank appears to be something to be reckoned as it survived a direct hit from Wire Guided BGM-71 TOW Missile.  This episode is the best commercial Russia could ever hope or dream for and Arms sales will soar in the aftermath of this event. Now the World can see in real time that a lot the upgrades Putin has made are real. There is an incredible amount of new technology the Russians have come out with, that makes a lot of what we have appear to look redundant or outdated. A prime example is the flying garbage can otherwise known as the F-35; it’s so bad that even the Military finally admitted they wasted in excess of $400 million (more like 1 trillion when the final numbers come on) on this pet project.  The F-35 should only be used if a nation is looking to waste a fortune and lose a battle.

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Now watch the video that shows a U.S TOW missile being fired at T-90 tank and in the aftermath the Tank is still standing. The most irritating part of this video is listening to the Jackass Terrorists keep repeating Allah Akbar, you feel like firing the missile at them.

Russian intervention in Syria a boost for Arms sales

The Syrian operation provided an “excellent opportunity to show off the goods”, Ruslan Pukhov, director of the Moscow-based Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, told Al Jazeera.

The operation provided a chance to battle-test “all the last-generation military systems that Russia could not test in military condition – high-precision weaponry, missiles, helicopters, planes and cruise missiles”, he said.

Kremlin insiders have stated that Russia’s success in the Syrian war will boost Russia’s arm sales by up to $ 7 billion.

Algeria has already purchased roughly a dozen Sukhoi Su-32.

Indonesia, Vietnam and a host of Latin American Nations are all lining up eagerly to buy more bombers, helicopters and other defence systems such as the S-400 from Russia.

Even Greece a NATO member is showing interest In Russian arms and why not when they are much cheaper and just as effective and in my cases better than U.S made weapons

Arms business is booming

Arms exports surged to a new record in 2015 to $14.5 billion and will probably surge to even higher levels.  Putin stated that was due to their “reliability and high effectiveness”, President Putin said in late March.


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