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Sol Palha Financial & Economic Insights

If we all knew everything then life would indeed be meaningless for it is the mistakes we make and the lessons we learn that give our life meaning and value. Sol Palha


 At the Tactical Investor, we combine Mass Psychology with the best aspects of Technical analysis to determine key market turning points. The articles by Sol Palha blend these two fields seamlessly and make for easy reading.

Don’t waste time trying to predict the exact top or bottom in a market. This endeavour is best left to fools with plenty of time on their hands. Trying to identify the exact top or bottom is like trying to catch a falling a dagger; a painful process fraught with pain and failure. Instead, our focus is on determining whether the masses are Euphoric or in a state of panic; these two conditions are highly effective at signalling market tops and bottoms

Fiat Money; The main driver behind boom & Bust Cycles

Fiat Money The Root Of All Things Bad The mother of all evils is fiat. Without Fiat, none of the ...
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Permabear; It takes A Special Kind Of Stupid To Be One

Being a Permabear is a recipe for disaster It takes a special kind of stupid to be a Permabear; the ...
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Stock Market Bear 2020 Equates To Rubbish Talk

We called the Fake Bear Market 2019 Storyline  Interestingly the experts started calling for a bear market in December right ...
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US Debt To GDP Means Nothing To Bonds & Stocks

Extracted in large part from the Nov 18, 2018 Market Update US Debt To GDP; Is Anyone Paying Attention To ...
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Behavioral Finance: 2nd Year Presidential Cycle Great For Stocks

Behavioral Finance: 2nd Year Presidential Cycle Great For Stocks With Democrats in charge of the house, we will have a ...
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Technology-Driven Deflation Or Stagflation

Technology-Driven Deflation or Stagflation We can state for a fact that stagflation is not an issue; as we don't have ...
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Market Cycle And The Best Investment For Kids

Market Cycle And The Best Investment For Kids One of the best places to invest in is the stock market, ...
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Dow 30 Stocks: What Do They Reveal

Dow 30 Stocks So what is the Dow 30? Well according to Wikipedia The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), or ...
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Stock Market Bull 2019; Follow The Trend & Avoid The Noise

Stock Market Bull 2019 For those that followed our suggestions of not giving into fear and stampeding with the crowd, ...
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Market Opportunity: Buy The Fear & Sell The Noise

Crashes equate to Market Opportunity: After everything was said and done, if you had held onto your shares from the ...
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Long Term Trends & Bull And Bear market Nonsense

 Bull And Bear Market Nonsense This is a monthly chart of the Dow going back all the way to 1985 ...
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Bull & Bear Market 2020 & Stock Market Timing

Stock market timing: Bull & Bear Before we get into any commentary take a look at the images and charts ...
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Market Outlook 2019: Lying Media & Ignorant Experts

Market Outlook 2019 Trading is all about Volatility, but that's not the problem, the problem is learning how to put ...
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Stock Market Correction vs Bear Market In 2020

Updated April 2020 Correction vs Bear Market A sharp correction is what we experienced in Feb of this year. The ...
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Bitcoin Crash: Is Bitcoin Bull Dead Forever

Bitcoin Crash or Backbreaking Correction The mania underwent a backbreaking correction before the market blasted off and topped out ...
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National Beverage Corp. (FIZZ) Is still a good investment

The reason for the current downside action is that the company is being targetted by a lawsuit alleging that they ...
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S&P 500 ETF; Identify the trend first & then focus on the investment

Focus On The Trend & Ignore the noise Most traders fixate on the S&P 500 or the Dow and with ...
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Boom And Bust Cycle:Buy The Boom & Sell the Bust

The Boom and Bust Cycle: Opportunity Knocking? Remember that when the markets eventually correct, this correction will be broadcasted as ...
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Risk and Opportunity; When To Buy & When To Run

Risk and Opportunity; Investing is analogous to war One needs to understand the difference between a battle and a war ...
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Risk To Reward Ratio & Opportunity Vs Risk

The Risk to Reward Ratio Dilemma Two words that are synonymous amongst most investors is opportunity and risk. Merriam defines ...
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Learn The Stock Market Game But Be Wary Of Financial Experts

Learn The Stock Market Game; Expert opinions are akin to Trash Forget your political orientation; this is not about politics ...
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Archive of Sol Palha’s Financial & Economic Insights from 2017 and beyond 

 Good or bad is a matter of perspective; alter the angle of observation and the perspective changes.  

It is easy to do the wrong thing but quite hard to do the right thing when it comes to the stock markets
Sol Palha



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