Denmark & Switzerland seize asylum seekers valuable assets

Denmark & Switzerland seize asylum seekers valuable assets

Denmark & Switzerland seize asylum seekers valuable assets

Denmark passed a law stating that assets that are valued over 1,000 Euro and that are not essential and have no sentimental value would be confiscated to pay for the costs of housing and processing refugees. The government states that the law mimics that is in place to handle citizens who are on welfare

“No, we are not going to take the jewelry away from people,” Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, spokesman for the ruling Liberal Party, told CNN earlier this month. “I mean, this is outrageous. We would never do this.”

“It is explicitly mentioned in the bill before Parliament that the new rule on seizure will only apply to assets of considerable value. Thus, foreigners will always be able to keep assets which are necessary to maintain a modest standard of living, e.g. watches and mobile phones. In other words, the general principle of a minimum amount exempt from execution also applies in this context.” “Furthermore, assets which have a certain personal, sentimental value to a foreigner will not, as a main rule, be seized unless they have considerably value. “

“People who have suffered tremendously, who have escaped war and conflict, who’ve literally walked hundreds of kilometres if not more and put their lives at risk by crossing the Mediterranean should be treated with compassion and respect, and within their full rights as refugees,” Dujarric said

 Shortly after that, Switzerland passed a similar law stating that they needed these funds to cover the cost of processing individuals seeking asylum in the country. If the individuals left before seven months, the money would be returned, if not it would be used to help defray the costs of that individuals stay in the country.

“If you have property worth more than 1,000 Swiss francs when you arrive at a reception center you are required to give up these financial assets in return for a receipt,” an information sheet for refugees States, as cited by Reuters.

However, the move has been met with condemnation by human rights groups, who have called it “undignified.”Stefan Frey from refugee aid group Schweizerische Fluechtlingshilfe said that the practice “has to change.” “If someone leaves voluntarily within seven months this person can get the money back and take it with them. Otherwise, the money covers costs they generate,” an SEM spokeswoman told SRF.  Full Story

Our religious provocation index predicted the emergence of these religious wars as early as 2004 and made no mistake; Europe is in the midst of a religious war.  What we have here are different cultures and different religious groups entering into a liberated Europe. These individuals coming from an oppressed male-dominated society where women are mostly viewed as objects.  Europe needs to implement a very strict no holds barred policy, which has the following simple mandates:

Denmark & Switzerland seize asylum seekers valuable assets

  • You try to rape our women and you are deported immediately
  • You rape a woman you are castrated and deported no questions asked
  • You embrace our values and our cultures, and we will reward you. We will help provide you with training and a home to stay in till you get to your feet.
  • Any form of extremism should be death with harshly; the entire family should be deported. [/color-box]

The religion is not so much the problem as is ignorance and trying to use western laws to their advantage. Bad people will find a way to do bad things no matter what. Hence, the focus should be on spotting and getting rid of the bad apples as fast as possible.

Every disaster presents one with opportunities; all one has to do is be calm and level headed and then look to see who benefits from the current situation. There is always a beneficiary no matter how terrible the situation looks. Subscribe to our Free Newsletter to learn how to spot an opportunity where others see disaster.

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