Rand Paul slams revised GOP health care bill

Rand Paul slams revised GOP health care bill

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We are always asked the following question? Why do you cover so many topics if you are a financial site? The simple answer is that everything is interconnected. If you focus on finances only then you are looking at the tree and missing the forest and vice versa. Mass Psychology also known as Crowd Psychology dictates that one should focus on the whole picture as opposed to fixating on one part.  Before we get to the story at hand, the following story might tickle your fancy

Before we continue, we would like to state that we are do not view individuals from China in a negative light. In fact, we have many good Chinese friends and associates. The same applies to any religion. For example, Islam has been the centre of many controversies, and yes there are many dangerous radical Muslims that we believe should be punished brutally with no questions asked for the atrocious offences they have committed. War Between the U.S. & China will Destroy World Economy

Investment professionals should start worrying for machines will replace many of them. As it stands most fund managers are nothing but glorified monkeys with darts.  To add insult to injury, monkeys with darts outperform most fund managers. AI is a disruptive technology and it is going to reshape the investment landscape completely in the years to come.  Hundreds of Fund managers are going to find themselves jobless for machines will be able to what they do for a fraction of the cost.  Machines will probably outperform many fund managers but probably not by a wide margin as they are being programmed by humans. The stock market is not based on logic and so, for the most part, they will follow the same path as their human counterparts. However,  as companies won’t have to pay these machines to work, the trend will be to replace humans with machines.

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