Putin Unfazed by ISIS Threats of Revenge

Putin Unfazed by ISIS Threats of Revenge

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The Fed has been trying to create the illusion that inflation is an issue. The guys from the hard money camp also maintain that inflation is an issue and to a point they are right. Their definition of inflation is an increase in the money supply.  The Fed, on the other hand, defines inflation as an increase in prices.  The real definition of inflation is an increase in the money supply; rising prices are just the symptom of the disease.  This article from mises.org summarises this concept quite succulently

Inflation, therefore, means an increase in the amount of receipts for gold on account of receipts that are not backed by gold yet masquerade as the true representatives of money proper, gold.

The holder of un-backed receipts can now engage in an exchange of nothing for something. As a result of the increase in the amount of receipts (inflation of receipts) we now also have a general increase in prices.

We are not going to spend time dwelling on this point as the crowd has bought the line the Fed has sold them and so the above point is moot. This article will focus on the price factor and not the money supply factor. Did the Fed Screw Up in raising interest rates

Putin Unfazed by ISIS Threats of Revenge

In the video below Putin states that they will search for ISIS everywhere and hunt them down. This is the way to deal with all terrorists; they should be hunted and taken out.

“Such threats are not capable in any way to influence the policy of Russia and President Putin in fighting international terrorism, which will absolutely continue in all directions,” stated Peskov

“Of course, we will dedicate the necessary amount of attention toward such publications [threatening attacks] which are being looked at by special services, which are responsible for counterterrorism work and maintaining security,” Peskov went on to state. 



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